Doing Too Much Lenormand Reading

Doing Too Much Lenormand Reading with the Dreaming Lenormand

Why do I have so much to do?

Ring and Key – Because you feel that the key to success lies in the responsibilities and obligations you pile up on yourself. Thus you continue to pile on more and more of them in order to push yourself towards the success you want to achieve.

What prevents me from lightening my load?

Lily and Book – Past experience has shown you that this method works again and again.  You worry that that means it’s the only method that will and struggle to see past what this past research/experience has taught you.

What would it be like if I did less?

Rider and Birds – At least at first, it would feel like you are losing your grip on the organization and order that you’ve worked so hard to build in your life.  In time, this chaos would become the new norm tho, and you would learn to adapt to it and continue moving forward.


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