Listen In Silence

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Inspiratriz Tarot - The Hanged ManToday’s draw is the The Hanged Man, which is my favorite card in the tarot, regardless of the deck. This is because I have a personal connection with this card, but it also has to do with the meaning of the Hanged Man, which often represents taking a step back in order to see things from a new perspective, taking time to settle into new perspectives until they become familiar and comfortable, and with that, the surrendering and/or letting go necessary to foster growth.

In this particular Hanged Man card, the figure appears to be praying, which for me brings in an added level of spirituality as well as it’s more traditional meaning.

What I see in the message of today’s card is a reminder that everyone’s beliefs and spiritual paths are unique.  Just as you share your path with others, others are eager to share theirs with you.  Make sure you are listening when others speak on such things, instead of mulling over what you want to say next.


@Lionharts #TheMarchTarot Wander Lust Challenge Prompt
Question for March 11th
: What can I learn from the plants and the trees I find around me right now?

Inspiratriz Tarot and The Herbal Astrology OracleReading Summary: Not everything can be rooted in pleasure (Mandrake beside Three of Swords). At those times, you need to take your disappointments and unpleasant experiences (Three of Swords), and use your own agency to turn them around into something useful for you (Ginseng).

Take Away: Even the most useless seeming of weeds and most toxic of plants have their uses.  Make sure that you are looking around and paying attention to what mother nature is offering you, and don’t let it go to waste.

Also, remember that even though there’s a good chance that your tree on the balcony won’t be coming back this year, it’s an opening for new opportunity and not just a loss with no boon or gain attached.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for March 11th
: Johnny Appleseed Day – What interest could you pursue at this time that could become a lifelong passion?

Inspiratriz Tarot - Queen of Cups, Six of Cups, Three of Swords, King of PentaclesReading Summary: Assisting others in your life (Queen of Cups atop Six of Cups) in getting over their disappointments (Three of Swords) in order to develop greater stability in their own lives (King of Pentacles).

Take Away: You like to help people in finding what works for them, and this is something that you find fulfillment in. Helping them when they feel they’ve come to the end of their rope or are experiencing struggles and disappointments gives you the opportunity to let them see that something better is possible.

A lot of times, this is what your doing readings for others is all about, and it absolutely could (has already?) become a lifelong passion of yours.

DECK USED: INSPIRATRIZ TAROT’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 11th: A deck that is on your wishlist.

Il Tarocchi di Pinocchio c.1988 by Armando Valcauda
Right, so… this is IL Tarocchi di Pinocchio. It is a majors only deck that I have been in love with this deck for years and years. I absolutely adore the colorful and quirky artwork style, and I see a lot of humor in the illustrations. I’ve missed out on getting this deck for (what I consider to be) a reasonable price again and again. I’m still trying, and hopefully some day I’ll manage to get my hands on a copy and add it to my collection. For now, I continue to admire from afar and keep my fingers crossed.


Daily Self Kindness

This post is a catch-up post, and I’m not entirely sure what the self kindness was for this day.