Worth the Sacrifice

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Forest Folklore TarotToday’s draw is the Four of Rings (Pentacles), which is traditionally a representation of stability and making grounded decisions pertaining to one’s health, home life, finances, resources, or manifestations. It can also be an indication of being miserly or valuing money or resources above all else.

The figure in this card does not look particularly thrilled with the wealth of golden rings she’s found among the leaves.  In fact, she looks a bit like she might want to cover them back up and forget that they are there.

Sometimes, stability is just too much.  Security can become too heavy.  Remember that it’s okay to cut loose now and then, even if it means you have to discard something of value to do so… because what you get from cutting loose can absolutely be worth the sacrifice.


@lucet.in.aurora.tarot’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 17th: A deck with a beautiful back in a fan.

Japaridze TarotThis is the Japaridze Tarot, which in my opinion, has one of the most lovely deck backs I’ve ever seen.

As a whole, I love this deck’s vibrancy and simplicity. The color scheme and design on the back also matches the artistry on the cards, so there’s no sudden unpleasant surprises when you’re pulling for yourself or a client.

Although I own many decks, and many of them have absolutely stunning backs… this is the one that first came to mind when I read this prompt, and so it’s the one that I decided to go with.


Daily Self Kindness

Play time with Gideon today with our new characters. And oh my god the first kiss was fucking spectacular… just saying.