Inner Luminescence

Daily Calm with the Calm appToday’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was another of the Daily Calm sessions with the Calm app. The topic of the session was about using mindfulness to help us to stay in the present so that we are not allowing the mind to roam and scramble.

In doing this sort of practice throughout your day, the session explains that it can assist in lowering anxiety and creating a stronger sense of ease and comfort in our day to day lives, instead of constantly feeling discombobulated or rushed from one thing to the next.

Purple Cat Tarot - The HermitToday’s draw is the Hermit card, which is traditionally a representation of inner reflection and healthy alone time when one retreats to deal with and explore the self.

There is a beautiful sense of gracefulness in this card’s imagery, and a luminescence that goes beyond the lantern and speaks to me of how we can feel lit up from within when we explore and get to know our true selves inside and out.

I have found in my own life that the better I know myself, the more grounded and stable I feel, as if each part of myself I explore and get to know allows for more stable footing for me to stand upon.

In this card, the message is a reminder that there is more to explore and discover in one’s self-explorations than just the stability of knowing yourself well.  There is a beauty and peace that also comes with self-exploration, and in accepting all parts of ourselves through times of inner reflection.’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 12th: Tarot and your phone.


@Lionharts #TheMarchTarot Wander Lust Challenge Prompt
Question for March 12th
: What is the significance of animals I am currently seeing or hearing?

Unusual Animals OracleReading Summary: Don’t allow opportunity for something new (Shoebill) to distract you from the rest and self care that you need (Snail). Instead, look clearly at your current situation and weigh it carefully before making a decision that could draw your attention in a new direction (Dung Beetle).

Take Away: You spend far too much time jumping on new opportunities, when instead it’s the long road of development on the paths and practices that you are already on that is in need of your attention and time.  Don’t let new and shiny things draw your attention away from what’s really important to you.

The only reason these things aren’t shiny to you is because they are so familiar to you that you now find comfort in them instead of eager sparks of anticipation.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2023 Challenge Prompt
Prompt for March 12th
: Do Spread 2
: The pros and cons to putting up a services post on IG.

Purple Cat Tarot and The Gratitude Postcard OracleReading Summary: In the Two of Swords, the kitty is blindfolded, whereas in the anchor card, the cat is not. Also, the swords in the card are at the same angle as the cat’s ears in the anchor card. These correspondences indicate that you need to make this decision with full clarity and awareness.

Front and center with the kitty looking out at you from above is the Ten of Wands, which speaks of overwhelm and poses the question of if this is really a good idea or not, considering all that you already have on your plate.

On the right, pay attention to the look irritation on the Emperor’s face when he looks over those cards on the table in the anchor card, while the white of the Emperor‘s fur corresponds with the titles of the cards on the anchor card‘s table.

Take Away: Yes, you could “take charge” and seize this opportunity, but at this time it will be more of a burden and an irritant than a benefit if you do. This isn’t a no… it’s a “not right now”.


Daily Self Kindness

This is another catch-up post, and I’m not entirely sure what my self kindness was for this day.

Gideon’s Challenge


Something dark holds me tight
I’m sinking in the cold blue eyes
Nothing here to save me now
Oh I’m not ready to fall

IMG_9876All blue, all blue
Know it takes me blue
Embers going out
Don’t let me drawn
When gravity stops
Only light will stay

All blue, all blue
Know it takes me blue
Embers going out
Don’t let me drown
When gravity stops
Only light will stay

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Yes… I cheated today.  These are lyrics from the song Blue by Luamel rather than my own poetry. It just felt… so right.

❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Self Care Saturday Tarot Reading with the Oh, What a Wild Life! Tarot and Magickal Folklore Lenormand

EarthKing of Swords – Be decisive and make good decisions concerning your finances this week. Keep your eye on the prize and strategize with a leaning towards stability and security. Don’t act on emotion but think things through instead.

AirFive of Pentacles – Scarcity issues are going to be a bit of a problem this week. Remember that a great deal of that is “in your head” and not realistic or reality based. The rest of it can be dealt with by following the advice in this reading’s Earth position.

WaterFour of Wands – Savor all the things that make you feel “at home” both in your home and concerning those in your life as well. It’s okay to wallow a bit in that sense of comfort and belonging you get from those people in your life, as well as in the environment you’ve made for yourself.

FireEight of Pentacles – Put your nose to the grindstone this week in preparation for what is soon to come. Time off is coming, and business is going to continue to slow down as summer approaches. You have things you can be doing to make this go more smoothly, so do them.

WaningTree and House – Don’t worry so much on how everyone else is doing right now. Focus on yourself instead.

WaxingScythe and Child – Nip moments of childishness in the butt this week.

Take Away – Make sure you are making stable and strategic decisions with your money this week and don’t let your inner narrative fool you into panicking about what you -don’t- have right now. Just keep moving forward with your business and work on what needs to be done while leaning into those that give you comfort.