Women’s History Month Lenormand Reading

Women's History Lenormand Reading with the Green Glyphs Lenormand

What do past women have to teach me?

Tree and Gentleman – Women are just a strong and capable as men, and their root dig just as deeply when challenged. This isn’t to say that your feeling protective over them is misplaced, just ensure that it does not get in the way and end up stunting their growth.

How can I connect with my Feminine nature now?

Coffin and Birds – Introspection can help connect you more closely with the more feminine side of your nature. Step away from social engagements and gossip,  and it will give you the ability ability to reach within yourself without outside influences in the way.

How can I help the women around me grow?

House and Book – Connect with those closest to you and listen to their wisdom. Allow them room to educate you on their experiences.  There is much you can learn from them if you are willing to sit and listen.


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