Time Spent

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Pastoral Tarot - Three of CupsToday’s draw is the Three of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of friendships, revelry, celebration, and collaboration between those that are like not just in mind but also in heart

Here in this card we see togetherness and fun without the wineglasses and revelry. It is a reminder to us all that sometimes fun is in being with the ones you love and has nothing to do with Bacchus or over indulgence or cutting loose.

A lot of people for get that when looking at the Three of Cups.  They see three women dancing with their cups raised and think “party on!” The thing is, though?  That’s not always what the Three of Cups is about. Sometimes, it’s about comfort and companionship.  About having fun with those like-minded friends and loved ones that mean something to you.


@the_mystic_star February Tarot Challenge Prompt
Question for February 5th thru 7th

Herbal Astrology Oracle CardsHow can I embrace the loving energy of this month?

Nettle – It’s not about how… it’s about doing. It’s about embracing. It’s about reaching out and making it happen because that’s what you want.

How can I amplify this love energy in my life?

Milk Thistle – As the Nettle says “just do it” so the Milk Thistle says that the actions you take need to be gentle and kind. Take care you don’t be too aggressive in your efforts.

How can I reduce the barriers to the love energy that is all around me?

Tulsi – Look at all that is around you, and take time to appreciate all that you have. Barriers fall when your awareness and gratitude opens you to the good stuff in your own life.


@thetarotprofessor Self Love Challenge Prompt
Question: Do the Self Love a struggle Spread

Self Love Struggle Tarot Reading with the Pastoral Tarot

What do I struggle the most to love about myself?

Page of Cups – Your lack of emotional intelligence. You kick yourself over your struggles in the exploration and growth in this area again and again, when in truth you are simply growing. A little at a time, bit by bit.

What can I release to make it easier to accept that part of myself?

Death – Embrace change. Accept that it’s going to take some time and allow change to happen instead of fighting against it.  It’s a natural part of life, and when you fight, it just makes everything harder.  That includes accepting you are changing… and that -those- changes are going to take time as well.

What can I do to begin to love that part of myself?

Wheel of Fortune – Keep in mind that there are ups and downs in any part of life and in any time of growth. Sometimes things will be easy, and other times? Extremely difficult. It’s better to ride the ups and downs than fight against the tides.

What do I love most about myself?

Seven of Pentacles – Your connection to the earth and those things that grow from it.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a bit of a break when I got home today instead of plowing into all the “things I need to get done”.

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