Full Moon in Cancer Lenormand Reading

Full Moon in Cancer Lenormand Reading with the Nocturnal Garden Lenormand

How can I find stillness and more space for reflection?

Sun and Clover – In order to find that space and stillness, you need to let go of the negativity that crowds your mental space with chaos and darkness.  Only when you’re willing to lean into seeking out optimism and positivity, allowing yourself to indulge in hope without censure or rancor, will you find that stillness and space… as well as a clarity of thought you couldn’t touch upon when the darkness was taking all the air from the room.

What emotions do I need to process?

Tree and Scythe – Stop pushing away the emotions connected to how you feel about getting older and not being able to do the things that you used to do. It happens to everyone, and yes… it’s happening to you perhaps a bit early, but allowing this to stagnate and fester will just have it turning from mild inconvenience into damaging resentment. Do what you can to help your body navigate these challenges, instead of allowing the challenges to send you into physical decline.

What thoughts do I need to examine?

Lily and Dog – As we grow and change over time, it’s important we don’t allow our values and principles to become “outdated” to who we are becoming. Take some time to examine more closely those principles and values you stick by so loyally, and make sure they are still on track with who you are, and who you want to become.

How can I nurture myself during this Full Moon?

Heart and Letter – Communicate with yourself in a more empathetic and understanding tone. Don’t allow that negative inner narrative to pick on you, as it will only cause problems down the road.  To nurture yourself during the Full Moon, reconnect with that kinder voice that is there to help, uplift, and nurture you instead of pick you apart and drag you down.


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