The Pervasiveness of Darkness

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Darkana Tarot - Five of CupsToday’s draw is the Five of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of pessimism, negativity, and closed mindedness.

The figure in this card mourns the broken glasses sitting on the steps rather than being grateful for the two still sitting at their feet containing wine. The chaos above the figure reflects their mindset, splatters and scratches leaving no room for clear thinking.

The imagery in this card speaks of when things are not going our way, how having a pessimistic and negative mindset makes things that much harder.  That negativity clouds the mind, tinging everything in it’s dark and gritty perspective and not allowing us to see what is salvageable from the situation.

Today’s card is a reminder that even crap-ass days have a silver lining.  It might be thin and remote, but it -is- there.  You just have to look for it.  Don’t let pessimism and negative inner narratives steal from you whatever can be salvaged from the experience.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

Darkness descends
and pollutes the air
sucking dry
our hope


Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot 2023 Year of Evolution Challenge Prompt
Question for January 9th
: What can I do to create and maintain stability in my life right now?

Invisible Sun Sooth DeckCreate – I frutti proibiti sono i più dolci (Forbidden Game). Everyone wants a taste of the “forbidden fruit”. Not because it’s good, but specifically because it’s forbidden (Crowded Tomb). Don’t follow the crowd when there are things out there that will suit you far better (Unknowable Truth).

No one knows what’s best for you better than you. In order to create stability in your life, make sure that you are continuing to walk your own path and be your own drummer, don’t allow others to make choices for you, or try to convince astray with peer pressures.

Maintain – Be both cutthroat (Assassin) and discerning to the point of picky (Cat) in choosing who you spend your time with.

A carry over from the “Create” position, these cards tell us to step away from those that are not good for us rather than allowing them to continue to try and influence our lives.  To maintain stability, we have to be surrounded by those that are truly supportive of us and our true selves, not sticking around just to try and swerve you off path and onto whatever objectives they have for you.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 9th
: Play God Day – What is something that you can do to improve the lives of others?

Darkana Tarot - Knight of Cups, The Sun, Page of WandsReading Summary: Gideon (King of Cups) needs your time and attention. Allow him to help show you (Page of Wands) how to truly sink in and enjoy your time together (The Sun).

Take Away: It can be hard to get back into the groove of those things you enjoy when you’ve stepped away from a long period of time.  Activities that used to feel as natural as breathing can end up feeling a bit awkward and clumsy.

That doesn’t mean you don’t still enjoy them, only that you need a little guidance back to finding that pleasure and enjoyment that you were so in tune with before.

The holiday rush has pulled you away from a lot of these activities, but your time with Gideon can help you in reconnecting with them, and with him, on a deeper level once again..


Daily Self Kindness

I set myself up to eat on a timer today, as it was an extremely busy day playing catch-up from my extended time off.

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