Stop Procrastinating Tarot Reading

Stop Procrastinating Tarot Reading wit hthe Gustave Doré Tarot

Why am I feeling unmotivated?

Seven of Pentacles – You struggle with staying motivated when something takes a good deal of time to accomplish. Especially when it feels like there are no rewards along the way, only an end goal far off in the future and feeling out of reach.

What fear is keeping me from moving forward?

Nine of Cups Rx – The unpleasantness of it all. You have a hard time getting motivated for things that you don’t enjoy or feel lackluster about.  It holds you back when you should be pushing through.

What do I need to release so I can start taking action?

Ace of Pentacles – The expectation that everything has to be done perfectly. Perfectionism can hold you back if you let it.  Let go of the need for absolutely everything to be perfect.  You don’t have to be perfect all the time for every little thing.

What is the first step I can take?

Four of Wands – Celebrate what you already have, the stability you have built, and the security you value. These things are a great motivator, and will carry you forward.

What beneficial energy/attitude can I embrace?

Judgement – Take care not to judge yourself too harshly. You are a work in progress, and you are your greatest critic.  Be kind and accepting of yourself, and ease up on the self cruelty.

What is my motivation?

Four of Pentacles – Stability and a sense of security will always be an excellent motivator for you.


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