Trying Something New

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Muppet Bear Tarot - Page of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Page of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s finances, resources, health, manifestations, and the physical world.

Pages are about learning and being receptive to new methods and ideas.  In this way, today’s card is an encouragement, as I’ve recently begun trying a new method of tracking my work and progress in order to help me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something with my days.

I spend so much time disheartened by the feeling that I’m not getting anything done or accomplishing anything that I am hoping that by at least listing some accomplishments for each day, it will give me something to look back on to help keep those feelings at bay.


The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle and The Illustrated Bestiary OracleThe #STCTarotChallenge Statements of Power Prompt
Questions for June 19th

I know I am capable of…

Tabby Cat, Apple atop Tulsi – …reaching greater potential far beyond my limitations or imagination.


Andalusian Horse, Spring Peeper, Lady’s Mantle – … I know that I am a survivor that can adapt and change in order to make the best out of every situation that is put before me.  This adaptability allows for a greater amount of stability and mitigates a lot of the things that I see in myself as limitations.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for June 19th
: Do Spread #3

Muppet Bear TarotWhat does uncertainty feel like to you?

Nine of Swords – Anxiety. For me, uncertainty brings with it a wealth of “what if” thinking. I worry over every little thing, and end up picking things apart down to the most minute details.

How do times of uncertainty impact your physical body?

Four of Wands Rx – They often cause me to retreat into myself and into my home, to the point where I no longer get out into the world and I’m happy to burrow in my home and hide there. This may feel like a celebration of all that I love about my home, but it is actually an unhealthy tendency that creates a lack of needed fresh air and exercise.

How do times of uncertainty impact your physical reality?

Seven of Pentacles Rx – Everything begins to lag, and much of it then eventually develops into stagnancy. This becomes detrimental to any thing in life that requires slow growth and patience.

What do you need to say to yourself to help you in acknowledging and alleviating your feelings of uncertainty?

Wheel of Fortune – Remember that although you may not feel like you deal well with the ups and downs in life, but you are far more adaptable than you are comfortable with acknowledging. Everything is temporary, and that is not a bad thing.

What do you need to accept about others to help you in acknowledging and alleviating your feelings of uncertainty?

Knight of Cups atop Four of Swords – People are more than capable of doing things on their own if they really want what they’re after. Therefore, it’s okay to sit back and rest sometimes, and let them go it alone… even when they try to rope you into helping.

Focus on your feelings of uncertainty. Pick a color that stands out the strongest in the card. How does this color (and how it’s used in the card) make you feel?

King of Swords – The green and the blue stand out to me equally in this card, but together instead of apart. They speak to me of dark forests and blue skies, and the need to get out in nature in order to ground myself and find my center.

I find time in the woods to be restorative, and the King of Swords here (with the reminder of the benefits that the woods provide me) speaks of a need to connect with the earth and nature in order to find and return to a more stable and rational self.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to refill both my daytime and night time pill boxes today, regardless of not feeling like dealing with it.

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