Summer Solstice 2022 – Midsummer

Today is the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year and one of the eight holidays that I celebrate throughout the year. This day marks the ‘official’ transition into summer and a shift from days that become longer and longer through the spring into days from here on out will grow shorter and shorter for the next six months.


This holiday is often called Midsummer or Litha, although I usually just refer to it as the Summer Solstice. On my path, it celebrates the turning point of summer, where the build-up of creative energy from the spring crests into a time of abundance as we travel into the depths of summer in much the same way that the growing energies of the full moon crest before beginning to wane each month.

Like with new moons and full moons, I usually do a spread to check in with myself and give myself some direction for the next couple of months on each solstice, equinox, and other Sabbats. This spread is an adaptation of my Self Care Saturday spread, so there are sure to be  some similarities in how it is read. The focus of this spread, though, is not about Self Care, but rather about progress and my path. The time period is also longer, reaching through the next handful of weeks until the celebration of the First Harvest (aka, Lughnasadh, Lammas, Lughnasa, Lugh) on August 1st.

Summer Solstice Tarot Reading with the Pagan Underworlds Tarot, Herbal Healing Deck, and Compendium of Witches Oracle

Theme of the SeasonSummer Solstice, Last Quarter Moon, Grass Lily (Ornithogalum umbellatum)

This year’s Solstice card shows an explosion of verdant growth under the nurturing rays of a radiant sun. It speaks of the abundance of the season and all of the growth that goes on during this time of year while the sun is shining bright and the earth is warmed into fertile ground.

The Last Quarter Moon is a phase that is dedicated to the energies of release and letting go. It is a time for gratitude, generosity, and for cutting ties with those things (and people) that are no longer benefiting you and your life.  As the moon has waned, we have examined what these things (and people) might be and it is in this phase of the moon that we now take action to cut those ties loose.

The Grass Lily (Ornithogalum umbellatum) is associated with themes that have to do with innocence, purity, honesty, hope, and forgiveness.  The flowers and bulbs contain cardiac glycosides, which make them toxic to humans and livestock. Although toxic, in certain regional areas they are (in moderation) eaten and/or used in homeopathic remedies.

When looking at these three cards together, the theme that I see here strongly echoes the phase of today’s moon and making sure that when you let go of those things that are no longer suited to you that you truly -let go- and don’t secretly cling on some internal level.  Make it a clean break so that you can foster the growth of new and better things.  These new and better things need room in which to flourish that can’t be cluttered with regrets or clinging to what’s being cut loose.

EarthThe Empress – With all that’s going on in your life and all you have plans to accomplish, make sure that you are not losing sight of what is really important. Take care of yourself. Take care of others. These things should come first.

AirJustice – What goes up must come down and what goes down will bounce back up. Don’t let the ups and downs of life in the process of seeking balance frustrate you. Ride them like ocean waves instead.

WaterThree of Pentacles – “That penis didn’t erect itself, it had help.” (Quoting the voice in my ear.) A relationship is a group effort, not a solo mission. Take time to appreciate all that you and Gideon have accomplished together.

FireAce of Wands Rx atop Page of Cups – No entertaining new ideas or inspirations right now. Explore what is already before you more thoroughly instead.

WaningThe Scholar and Goat – Your time of intellectual contemplation and stewing on plans in the background has come to an end. It’s time to start acting instead of thinking about it.  Movement is your friend.

WaxingThe Preserver and Pomegranate – Begin reaching for those things you value and moving into making sure that they are being cared for properly.


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