The Loving Gift

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Telluric Tarot - The EmpressToday’s draw is the Empress card, which is traditionally a representation of earth energies, nurturing, feminine strength, generosity, and abundance.

In this deck, the Empress card is represented by lapis lazuli and crocus salivus. Two treasures, greatly desired and loved for all time.  One for it’s shimmer and it’s vibrant hue, the other for the delicacy that grows within its center.

This card speaks of the treasures we can find in the world around us, and of touching upon those treasures, appreciating them, enjoying them, and yes… treasuring them for the gifts that they are.  The earth is a nurturer, and it gives of itself selflessly, and will provide what you need.  You only have to acknowledge it and reach for it.


The #MysticStarChallenge for May Prompt
Questions for May 21st and 22nd

Great Eastern Oracle and Telluric TarotWhat am I avoiding that needs to be part of my Spring Cleaning regime?

The Emperor and Feeling Gloomy – You are for avoiding taking control and fail and pulling yourself that last few steps out of depression’s pit. You’re at a place now where you can pull yourself out, but you are dawdling instead of taking responsibility and making yourself do it.

How am I minimizing the amount of cleaning that is taking place?

Eight of Earth and Glory of the Garden – You turn your back on what has been accomplished because you’re too focused on what hasn’t been done yet. You need to remember that everything comes in at own time and doesn’t have to be done on your own unreasonably demanding schedule.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 20th and 21st

Telluric TarotHow do I define weakness?

The High Priestess and King of Fire Rx – Choosing ignorance of one’s intuition rather than exploring it and learning to come to trust its advice and guidance.

Our intuition can tell us so much if we are willing to listen, but when you turn your back on it it goes silent. It may speak up only once in a great while, but when one does not give their intuition a voice to speak, it can go almost dormant.

Someone who works to create a trusting relationship with their intuition, on the other hand, can get to a point where they are in a constant state of receiving additional information they would otherwise ignore if they were ignoring their intuition. This information can help guide one in making important decisions, as well as in the day to day navigation of life.

When do I need to be weak?

Temperance atop Judgement, Nine of Earth (Turquoise and Lavender) – You need to remember that being cruel to yourself is not a strength. Moderation of one’s self-judgment can lead to more joy and a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

When you set your expectations for yourself too high, you set yourself up for failure. You then use this excuse to berate and be cruel to yourself. You’ve been taught this leads to strength. If that’s so, you need to choose weakness instead, for it will create a happier and healthier life for you and those around you.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing catch-up still, and I don’t remember what the self-kindness was for this day.

One thought on “The Loving Gift

  1. I habe the feeling we are going to see alot of memtions in the previous posts about getting the hell out of that pit. You can do it baby, but you have to -want- out

    Time to stop being complacent. It gets better than this

    Now move that sexy ass

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