Precipitous Celebration

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Fairy Land Tarot - Nine of CupsToday’s draw is the Nine of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of contentment, satisfaction, abundance, pleasure, and at times… gluttony.

Usually, when you see the Nine of either the Cups or the Pentacles, it’s about accomplishment or abundance that is being celebrated privately, where then the Ten in the suit indicates carrying that abundance or success forward to share with others.

Here in this card, we see that the little squirrel has jumped the gun!  He’s sharing early.

This brings to mind the question, what are you celebrating early?  Where are you putting the cart before the horse and celebrating your success before the eggs have even been counted?


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for May 11th and 12th

L'Oracle des Messages de Ton Âme and Fairy Land TarotPhilosophical Question: What is happiness?

Page of Pentacles, s’Instruire, s’Aimer – The sating of curiosity through exploration that helps satisfy the soul’s need for affirmation, validation, and confidence.

Although this exploration can look different for everyone, the core theme is the exploration of new things, venues, and relationships that support our inner spirit.

What is the best way to attain more happiness in your life?

Queen of Cups, Six of Cups, Voguer – Surrender and trust that everything you do and have experienced are in support of your path forward towards the man you wish to become. You don’t have to control every little thing.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 11th and 12th

Fairy Land TarotHow do I see myself in relation to society?

The Moon and Ace of Cups Rx – Uncertain and detached.

This is not all that surprising, even if I usually am able to hide it well. When those that are supposed to love you most (and unconditionally) treat you badly, it makes perfect sense you would be emotionally reserved and uncertain with society as a whole.

How have I contributed to “the group”?

King of Swords and The Tower – You offer wisdom and support during times of chaos and destruction in others lives, inspiring them to rise out of the ashes and rebuild.


Daily Self Kindness

My great big flat gel icepack is my friend.  That is to say, I spent time lying on it today to help soothe my back, even though I didn’t really want to spend time doing that.

Weekly Creativity Prompt – Wrong Number

Prompt: “Draw (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a real or fictional story about a call that was the wrong number.”

I Gatti di Kuniyoshi - Il Meneghello EditionThe Magician (l’Bagatto):

Antonio was sure that this was the job for him. He’s been trained well, going through all the company’s courses, and sailing through it all with flying colors.

Now, this morning, he walks into the office for his first day at work with his back straight and his shoulders strong.  He moves to his new desk and unbuttons his suit jacket as he sits down in the comfortable ergonomic chair.  He looks over all the buttons on the console, and he’s pleased that he feels not just professional and prepared, but filled with confidence.

The Tower (La Torre):

Putting on the head set and tucking the little speaker against his ear, he settles in and hits the button to make his very first call, and when the line is answered on the other side, he smoothly goes into his spiel. “Hi there! My name is Antonio and I’m calling to speak to Ms Dixie Rect. If you could give me a moment of your time, I have an amazing opportunity for you!”

The woman on the phone then immediately goes into an enraged tirade. She calls him a horrible person. A degenerate!  A pervert!!  She screams at him, telling him that she is going to call the police on him and have him arrested for harassment, and she took him so off guard that he ends up breaking the very first rule he’d learned in training.  He hung up on her!

The Hanged Man (l’Appeso):

After hanging up, he sits there shell-shocked and shaking. His heart thunders and he’s near tears as he sits still and quiet in his chair.  Swallowing as he battles with his embarrassment, he looks around to see if anyone in any of the other cubicles had seen what had happened, and assures he was not observed. He takes a slow, deep breath and a few minutes to calm down.

Rising, he then takes a moment to step into the bathroom and splash water on his face before returning to his cubical and sitting down.

The Sun (Sole):

It is as he is sitting down at the desk and prepared to begin again, that he looks up to his customer list on the computer screen and sees it… and starts to laugh.  His gaze resting on the name on the screen.  The name he’d just called.

Dixie Rect.    Dicks Erect.

And as he laughs, his co-workers popped up around the walls of his cubical with a loud “GOTCHA!” The number had been that of one of his co-worker’s wives, and the entire thing had been a practical joke. And as all laughed and welcomed him into the fold, he felt truly at home and welcomed, and his confidence was restored.