Realistic Means Based in Reality

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Animal-Wise TarotToday’s draw is the Knight of Wands (Komodo Dragon), which is traditionally a representation of a projective beta energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s drive, passions, willpower, principles, inspiration, or enthusiasm. This often translates into themes that have to do with rash behavior and a go-get’em attitude towards the things that matter to that person.

You know that phrase “fake it until you make it”?  Sometimes?  That’s how you make it.   And sometimes it’s not about faking it but about being genuine and realistic.

Today’s card is a reminder to be genuine with who you are and realistic about what you can do.  That doesn’t mean selling yourself short, but it means knowing yourself well.  Take some time today to look at where you feel limited and if that’s really the case?  Or if it’s an illusion.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Question for May 22nd and 23rd

Joyful Healing Clarity CardsHow do I define strength?

The ability to detach (Numb) from one’s fear in a crisis (Afraid) so that you can lend support to others (Support) and take action to that will get others moving (Move Your Body).

Some people freeze in a crisis, unable to think clearly or act quickly. One of the ways in which I see strength and define it is in those that are able to move quickly past the moment of shock in a crisis, and into action to help not just themselves but others as well.

When do I need to be strong?

When you have an inner calling (Shivers) towards something that you are curious about or think you will enjoy (Curious), instead of holding back in order to punish yourself (Nurturance), you need to cut yourself a little slack and do them (Go to the Beach).

Too often in my life I have been taught that strength equals cruelty to oneself and letting go of the things you want to do instead of doing them. Now at this point in my life I am beginning to learn that it takes more inner strength for me to do these things than to set them aside and ignore them.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for May 21st and 22nd

Animal-Wise TarotWhen do I give more to a relationship than I should?

Four of Swords (Chickadee) and Two of Cups (Daddy Long Legs) – When you know you need some time to rest and recover, but you instead give that time to others.

When is my happiness impacted by a relationship?

Five of Wands (Gecko), Queen of Wands Rx (Crocodile) atop King of Pentacles (Gorilla) – when there’s a conflict in values or principles where either or both parties involved are steadfast in their view, and thus refuse to connect and see the other side and where the other person is coming from.


Daily Self Kindness

Today’s post is a catching-up post, and so I’m not entirely sure what I might have done as a self kindness today.

The Loving Gift

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Telluric Tarot - The EmpressToday’s draw is the Empress card, which is traditionally a representation of earth energies, nurturing, feminine strength, generosity, and abundance.

In this deck, the Empress card is represented by lapis lazuli and crocus salivus. Two treasures, greatly desired and loved for all time.  One for it’s shimmer and it’s vibrant hue, the other for the delicacy that grows within its center.

This card speaks of the treasures we can find in the world around us, and of touching upon those treasures, appreciating them, enjoying them, and yes… treasuring them for the gifts that they are.  The earth is a nurturer, and it gives of itself selflessly, and will provide what you need.  You only have to acknowledge it and reach for it.


The #MysticStarChallenge for May Prompt
Questions for May 21st and 22nd

Great Eastern Oracle and Telluric TarotWhat am I avoiding that needs to be part of my Spring Cleaning regime?

The Emperor and Feeling Gloomy – You are for avoiding taking control and fail and pulling yourself that last few steps out of depression’s pit. You’re at a place now where you can pull yourself out, but you are dawdling instead of taking responsibility and making yourself do it.

How am I minimizing the amount of cleaning that is taking place?

Eight of Earth and Glory of the Garden – You turn your back on what has been accomplished because you’re too focused on what hasn’t been done yet. You need to remember that everything comes in at own time and doesn’t have to be done on your own unreasonably demanding schedule.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 20th and 21st

Telluric TarotHow do I define weakness?

The High Priestess and King of Fire Rx – Choosing ignorance of one’s intuition rather than exploring it and learning to come to trust its advice and guidance.

Our intuition can tell us so much if we are willing to listen, but when you turn your back on it it goes silent. It may speak up only once in a great while, but when one does not give their intuition a voice to speak, it can go almost dormant.

Someone who works to create a trusting relationship with their intuition, on the other hand, can get to a point where they are in a constant state of receiving additional information they would otherwise ignore if they were ignoring their intuition. This information can help guide one in making important decisions, as well as in the day to day navigation of life.

When do I need to be weak?

Temperance atop Judgement, Nine of Earth (Turquoise and Lavender) – You need to remember that being cruel to yourself is not a strength. Moderation of one’s self-judgment can lead to more joy and a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

When you set your expectations for yourself too high, you set yourself up for failure. You then use this excuse to berate and be cruel to yourself. You’ve been taught this leads to strength. If that’s so, you need to choose weakness instead, for it will create a happier and healthier life for you and those around you.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing catch-up still, and I don’t remember what the self-kindness was for this day.

Pulling Free

Today’s meditation was skipped.

WTNV Hayworth Tarot - Four of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Four of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of stability, grounded energies, stagnant control, miserly behavior, and conservation of resources or funds.

Here in this card we see a figure that has become so very grounded that he’s stuck as the sun sets behind him. Hands and feet are buried into the earth, and there is nowhere to go from here.

Today’s card is bringing to the forefront the stagnancy I’ve been experiencing in my life of late, and giving encouragement to pull my hands and feet free of the sand and get moving.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for May 19th thru 21st

Symbolon Deck of Remembrance and Heart & Hands TarotWhat are you ignoring that needs to be dealt with?

Eight of Swords and Responsibility for Creation – You need to stop ignoring your need to get out in nature with bare feet on bare earth, and your hands in the soil. You need to visit your friends in the woods more often, and as a result you will feel better. It will replenish your spirit, and your inner spark of creativity.

How can you better utilize your free time?

Justice atop Ten of Wands, Defiance – Remember that by overtaxing yourself you are doing yourself no good at all, as it just creates an cycle of burn out and recovery. And, when you stubbornly ignore the cycle it just comes back to visit you again and again.

Insanity is often defined as an activity that you repeat over and over thinking you will somehow get a different result. You need to acknowledge and accept that you’ve already discovered what the result is in response to overtaxing yourself.

How would you benefit from adding more fun into your life?

Three of Swords Rx atop Five of Wands Rx, The Ego – Less disappointment in the aftermath of conflict, and more opportunities to share more of your true self with others instead of the “always calm and collected” mask you portray.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for May 19th and 20th

WTNV Hayworth TarotWhen and how do I question myself in a relationship?

Six of Cups and Ace of Cups – I question myself in my relationships when I am most vulnerable to the past screwing with my emotions. There are times when the memories sneak out of the woodwork and whisper in my ear, this in turn stirs up my emotions in a way that I find hard to deal with, and unable to see clearly and understand.

During these times, it can be hard to see outside myself, which makes it hard to gauge my reactions are as balanced as I want them to be.

What blocks me from asking for what I need?

Nine of Swords and Two of Cups Rx – Fear of rejection blocks me from asking for what I need, even when I know that the fear is irrational and there’s no cause for it to be there. It still influences me, and it’s a struggle to get past when it happens.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing catch up!  I don’t remember what the self-kindness was for today, but I’m sure I at the very least kept track of my eating and took my vitamins.

Commonalities and Connections

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Moon Baby Tarot - Three of CupsToday’s draw is the Three of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of friendships, celebration, and camaraderie.

The colors in this card really stand out to me. The three vibrantly colored dresses say that although we are all different, with different preferences and different things that bring us joy, it’s our similarities that bring us together as is shown in the three cups that are identical in color.

The message in today’s card is a reminder to find these similarities.  Celebrate them.  Enjoy them, and use them to more greatly enjoy the company you keep with others.


The #MysticStarChallenge for May Prompt
Questions for May 19th thru 20th

Libération Énergétique Oracle and Moon Baby TarotWhat will be the hardest aspect of this Spring Cleaning for me?

The Lovers Rx, Chakra du Plexus Solaire and Chakra Sacré – The most difficult aspect of this spring cleaning will be in letting go of unhealthy patterns that are holding you back. They are holding you down and keep dragging you back again and again when you try to escape. It is the cleansing itself that can clear the path forward.

How can I minimize the challenges I will face during this process?

Ace of Wands, Angiosses atop Harmonie – Don’t let worries and responsibilities hold you back from the pleasure and harmony that you find in new projects and the creative process. These new projects have the potential to help lift you up and breathe fresh air and peace into your life.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question for May 18th
: What is the point of life?

Moon Baby TarotThree of Swords atop The Lovers – To learn its value even when things feel as if they are at their worst.

King of Cups atop Five of Cups – To confront one’s disappointments head-on instead of allowing them to rule you.

Death – To learn to acknowledge and except change instead of fearing it or hiding from it.

Take Away: Self development. The point of life is to grow and improve, and to become better than you were before.  To battle your demons, learn for your mistakes, and seek to be more.


Daily Self Kindness

I am playing catch-up on posts and I do not remember what the self-kindness might have been.  I can be sure that I took all my vitamins though!

Fertilized Roots

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

The Lost Tarot - Two of WandsToday’s draw is the Two of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of planning, direction, looking ahead, and future planning that often involves strategy and decision making.

A child playing dress up as the knight he’ll some day become. That is what I see in the imagery for today’s card.

We all had dreams and aspirations when we were young.  Often, they change as we grow older. Our dreams to become princesses and space men turn into more practical things with age.  That’s what growing up is all about.

Today’s card is a reminder of those long ago dreams. It’s about where we come from… and where we’re going.  It’s about looking at those dreams of childhood and acknowledging that they are the fertilizer of the roots from which we have grown, and appreciate how they have influenced who we have become.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 17th thru 19th

Tarotgazing Deck and The Hero's Journey Dream OracleWhat desires and drives have escaped my control?

Six of Vessels and The Thin Thin Veil – The influences of your past are still dictating a great deal of your current behavior, proving that when someone passes on, their influences continue to remain for as long as you allow them to.

How can I develop self-mastery?

The Star and You Are Invited – Work at lifting yourself up. Optimism and positivity can give you the strength to break through recalcitrant behavior and join the world more fully. This in turn will give you greater control over your unhealthy habits.

What limits does reality impose on my dreams?

The Tower, The Call atop Be Reborn Daily – Reality will continue to tear things down so that you have to rebuild them into something better. Sometimes this is going to impose limits on your dreams, and at other times it will be a catalyst to changing your dreams entirely into something new and better.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for May 17th and 18th

The Lost TarotHow can I say no to others and be kind?

Be sensitive to their fears (The Star) and use the tools at your disposal (The Magus) to turn around the rejection into something new (Death).

Build hope instead of just shooting someone down on the spot. You can always offer a different perspective or a new opportunity out of a rejection instead of just leaving it as a rejection in and of itself.

What makes it difficult for me to say no to others?

It’s hard for you, in new relationships and friendships (Ace of Cups), to be able to predict how people are going to react (Wheel of Fortune), and you often then worry that if you say no it will turn into a huge chaotic mess of a problem (The Blasted Tower).

This is not usually a problem until you are feeling vulnerable, because during those times conflict isn’t something that you’re particularly prepared to deal with gracefully.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m still playing catch-up and like the last couple of posts, I don’t remember what I might have done as self-kindness during this time, but I know that it was during my time off so I at least got some good rest.

Shining Light Into the Darkness

Today’s meditation was skipped.

AlcheMystical TarotToday’s draw is the Moon card, which is traditionally a representation of uncertainty, illusion, fear of the unknown, anxiety, and the subconscious.

The brightness of this card is what draws my attention in the imagery for this deck.  It’s so very bright that there are no shadows.  Nowhere to hide.  Nothing that cannot be seen clearly, as if it were the sun hung in the sky instead of the moon.

This card’s message for today is to take the time to think through the things you are worried about, identify where you are stuck in a rut due to fear of the unknown, and shine a light on those things so that they will become less intimating and more manageable.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 14th thru 16th

Messages From the Ancestors Oracle and The Zenned Out Journey TarotWhat has been my foundational experience with love?

Five of Pentacles and Earth – Scarcity of love, support, and stability while growing up, perpetuated by those that should love you unconditionally.

What kind of people am I attracted to?

Nine of Swords and Caregiver – Those supportive of my mental health struggles. While I don’t need someone to hold my hand all the time, when I am struggling with a major depressive episode, I require people around me that are willing to be both patient and supportive.

What kind of people do I attract?

Ten of Cups and Holy One – You attract those that want to be a part of things. Those that respect your spiritual path and help in supporting your pursuit of personal happiness that includes them in the mix.


The #MysticStarChallenge for May Prompt
Questions for May 17th and 18th

AlcheMystical TarotHow will this Spring Cleaning impact me?

Six of Water and Eight of Air – It will provide an opportunity to reconnect with things in the past that you have previously been willfully blind to.

How can I nurture myself so that I can release all that I can right now?

The Hanged Man and Eight of Fire – Remember that one perspective is never the only perspective. Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.  Instead, take the time needed to consider multiple angles before acting.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m still playing catch up.  I know that I got a lot of rest during this stretch of time off, though.