Malnutrition and Depletion

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I got a great deal of sleep today (thanks to half a pain pill and an ibuprofen), but no meditation.

The Good Tarot - Five of Earth, Five of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Five of Earth (Pentacles), which is traditionally a representation of scarcity (real or imagined), malnutrition and other associated illnesses, isolation, and the worry that can come with financial loss.  It also can indicate a refusal to seek out help when help is needed.

In the imagery for this specific deck, I see a lesser known meaning of the Five of Pentacles.  That is… malnutrition.  The figure is not getting the sun and nutrients it needs, and thus it struggles in the shade to fill its branches with leaves, instead shedding and filled with bare spots and barren branches.

This card is an encouragement to eat healthy and treat yourself well today.  Too much junk is not good for you. It depletes your energy and makes you feel less than 100%. So, make sure you are making healthy choices for your body, and you will be rewarded in turn.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 5th and 6th

Into the Lonely Woods Oracle and The Good TarotWhat am I passionate about?

Plight of the Wanderer – Exploration of the world around you and how it connects to your spiritual path.

Six of Fire (Wands) – Sharing your passions and successes with others. Yes, this garners admiration, but for it to be rewarding to you it also needs to lift them up, showing them that they too can follow their passions and succeed.

The Lonely Gardener – Alone time in nature, bonding with the earth and the trees while the rest of the world is set aside.

What stops me from expressing my passions?

The Consolations of Isolation – Some things are better just kept to oneself. Private moments often mean more to the one experiencing them than they possibly could to anyone else.

A Time to Rest Awhile – Not enough energy combined with the need for a certain amount of alone time away from society.

Three of Air (Swords) – The thing about both of these factors mentioned above is that they can be healthy… or if they are driven by fear of being disappointed by others, they can be unhealthy. There is an encouragement here in these three cards combined that speaks of a need to examine my motivations behind retreat and isolation, and make sure that they are healthy and not driven by avoidance.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for May 6th: What does good communication look like to me?

The Good TarotReading Summary: The sharing of one’s passion and experience (King of Fire/Wands), and that even when there is conflict and difference of opinion (Five of Fire/Wands) there is also compassion and an effort to be kind and supportive, instead of abusive to the other person (Queen of Water/Cups).

Take Away: Too often when people discuss things that they are passionate about and don’t agree on, the discussion falls into argument and becomes not just heated but abusive. By instilling compassion and support into a conversation, especially a heated one, the conversation can continue to be productive instead of turning into something ugly.

While growing up I witnessed this a lot in the arguments between Z and T. They often (what I would term as) went “into battle” with each other.  And, when they fought, the two of them were often extremely passionate and heated (shouting, talking with their hands, getting in each other’s faces, etc), and yet they always stayed on topic. There were no insults, no name-calling, no harmful language. They could debate for hours without falling into the traps of an unhealthy and abusive argument. I wish this type of disagreement was taught to children in school.


Daily Self Kindness

I had Lins give me a pain pill earlier. I slept like crap last night due to pain issues.  Usually I can sleep to escape the pain, but it was just past that level where any decent sleep was possible.  This meant that not only did the pain pill demand a nap today, but it was a long nap. I also took the card of the day’s advice and made healthy vegetable and chicken stir-fry for supper instead of just eating junk.

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