Supporting the Supporters

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Mystic Dreamer TarotToday’s draw is the King of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, emotional intelligence, creativity, or intuition. This often translates into authority figures that are emotionally supportive and understanding, possessing both compassion and strong leadership qualities.

Here in the imagery for this deck, the King sips from his cup and looks ponderous as he sits upon his throat. There appears to be a lot on his mind.

Even kings need support sometime. It’s an orders day and that means maybe today isn’t the day to lend your war, but you need to make sure you -do- keep in mind that those that support you also sometimes need help and support in turn.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for May 2nd and 3rd

Merlin TarotIn what area are you not practicing enough self-care?

Ace of Air Rx, Ace of Fire atop Transition – It’s time to move your negative internal narrative into a more positive and motivating place. Change the tone, and change the message. Right now you are running the risk of becoming stagnant in this area.

How can you improve upon your self-care at this time?

The Emperor and Judgement – Take control and ensure you are making the right choices, and are accepting the right responsibilities, that suit the path you have chosen to tread and the man you want to become.


ReadingWickedly’s #MayDailyDraw Prompt
Questions for May 1st and 2nd

Mystic Dreamer TarotWhat new venture should I leap into this month?

Ace of Cups and The Chariot – Your emotions are important and they need your attention and acknowledgment right now. There may be a variety of projects you want to do, but make sure that throughout at all you’re staying in touch with your emotions instead of pushing them aside. Old habits in this area have started to rise up and you need to keep them in hand.

Where can I find the energy to sustain myself?

King of Wands Rx, Death atop Ten of Wands – Burnout transforms your entire world and everything in it, and takes a long time to recover from. Stop allowing your enthusiasm to convince you that you can handle diving into more than you can juggle at once.


Daily Self Kindness

I let myself have a nap this morning after the chiropractor appointment instead of trying to tough it out. It set me back a bit in orders, but helped in me feeling a bit better.

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