Reflecting On Gratitude

Today’s meditation was skipped, although I did have a shrink appointment.

The Houseplant Tarot - Nine of CupsToday’s draw is the Nine of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of feelings of satisfaction, contentment, emotional satiation, feelings of gratitude, and occasionally… gluttony.

Look how the top left vessel almost strays off the page. This card’s imagery seems to say that it has so much that it is barely contained in the card at all. It echoes to the phrase “my cup runneth over”.

Today’s card is a reminder that having a mentality of gratitude is important. It’s important to look at how much you have in your life, how much it means to you, and how lucky you are to have all that you do. It’s important to recognize these things and appreciate them, for in doing so is where you find a sense of contentment and satisfaction with life.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: What is Divinity?

Mara Lunne TarotReading Summary: Divinity lives in the direction we choose to go in our lives (Three of Wands), the people that we connect with along the way (Three of Cups), and how those connections help in carrying us forward and lifting us up (Eight of Wands).

Take Away: Divinity lies within us. Within the energy we are made from and how that energy connects and flows together with others. It’s about moving forward and growth, and about all of the small “inconsequential” things that help connect us to each other and the world around us.


The Self Appreciation #STCTarotChallenge for April Prompt
Questions for April 27th

The Houseplant TarotI will work toward actualizing my dream to…

The Magician and Ace of Wands – …connect my ingenuity with my inner creative spark. Over the last few years I’ve struggled with disconnection in this area, and as a result struggled with motivation in most areas of my life. These cards indicate that it’s time to get back on top of this and focus on working towards fostering that connection again.


Eight of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles – Focusing on the work, and on taking my time. This isn’t so much about blindly plowing forward, as it is about knowing where my skills and talents lie, and that it’s going to take time to reconnect with them in a way that will foster my creative inner spark instead of trying to smothering it.


Daily Self Kindness

I confessed to Gideon about my overdose. Along with this is admitting that it wasn’t an accident… more of an act of desperation when the pain level got to the point that it took over everything. I… really didn’t want to tell him, and have been avoiding coming online because I didn’t want to.  I know… I hurt him so fucking bad. The self kindness in the confession is that it needs to be out in the open, no matter how much I want to hide what I did.

One thought on “Reflecting On Gratitude

  1. We will get through this, man
    No matter how much it hurts or how often I worry I’m going to lose you, you needed to tell me. I needed to know and you needed the reminder of how important you are.

    You wre essential baby

    Don’t leavee me man. I need you

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