Don’t Overreact

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Fable Hedgehog Tarot - Nine of SwordsToday’s draw is the Nine of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of themes surrounding worry, anxiety, nightmares, and insomnia.

When I pulled this card this morning, I heard the words “Don’t overreact”.  This fits with the theme of the card, and especially with the imagery here in this specific Nine of Swords. All of the swords in the card point inward toward each other instead of the figure in the bed.  There is nothing to fear, and yet the little hedgehog worries anyway.

A lot of times when we anticipate a problem, it gets blown out of proportion.  What might be a little hiccup, when left to stew over it, can become a mountain of obstacles. The message in today’s card is to take things in stride and don’t blow them out of proportion.


The Self Appreciation #STCTarotChallenge for April Prompt
Questions for April 26th

The Joyseeker OracleI will stop negativity here.

The Eagle atop The Horse – Your attitude towards work needs to shift to something more positive. You focus too hard on the things that you aren’t enjoying and don’t wanna do, instead of looking at the bigger picture and allowing yourself to enjoy those parts of your work and your responsibilities that bring you pleasure and joy.


The Koi and The Bat – Focus on how adept you are at adapting, and how you are able to always turn even the worst situation around into a boon for you. In other words… You have been falling into old unhealthy habits. Remember that you have the tools to look on the brighter side, and don’t focus so hard on the negative.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for April 26th

Fable Hedgehog TarotWhat lie have I been telling myself?

The Sun atop Five of Pentacles – That success is bred through hardship.  The belief that in order to succeed, you must suffer (sort of like that saying “no pain, no gain”).

How can I start being more honest with myself in this area?

The Hanged Man and The Fool – Open yourself up to new experiences and allow yourself to believe in the goodness in life. Not everything has to be horrible for the results from it to be worthwhile.  If you see life as a joyous adventure, you can help that perspective to spread through your life.

Take Away – Like the previous reading earlier today, this reading again reminds me that I am slipping when it comes to leaning into optimism and positivity, and have instead been allowing my natural habit towards pessimism and negative internal narrative to have the reigns.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m doing everything I can to try and mitigate my pain today. My pain level is extremely high and I’m struggling with it.

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