Heading For Brighter Skies

#DailyCalm from the Calm App - Steve Jobs QuoteToday’s meditation was fourteen minutes long, and was another of the #DailyCalm sessions on the Calm app. This session was a bit longer than normal, but oddly felt shorter.  I’m not sure why.

Today’s meditation was about intuition, and about how when we look within our selves at who we are and who we want to become, it can help guide us forward even (or perhaps especially) during times when we are feeling at a loss.

Tons of Luck Tarot - Eight of WandsToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of expediency, action, and alacrity. It can also be an indication of air travel, which is what is depicted here in the imagery of the card in this deck.

The imagery in this card makes me think of more of a Six of Swords theme with a bit of The Sun mixed in for good measure. It’s about moving away from troubles and into brighter days and brighter skies. Leaving behind darkness to seek out the pleasure of sunshine and good times.

Today’s card is a reminder that I’m on the way out of my depression and need to focus on the light and on the climb instead of on what I’m leaving behind.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAprilTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt

Angels Among Us Oracle and Tons of Luck TarotQuestions for…

The Empress- Day 6

How can I create {more} abundance for myself?

The meaning of Archangel Jeremiel in this deck is the equivalent of the Judgement card in the tarot. This card speaks of examining one’s life and how far we have come, looking at all that we have done, and ascertaining that which we want to improve within ourselves and who we want to become.

Archangel Jophiel in this deck is similar to the Sun card in the tarot, and encourages focusing our attention on the positive, while leaning in to optimism and those things that bring us joy.

To create more abundance in your life at this time, the message here is that where we place our attention and focus is important. The more we focus on the positive, the more positive things are then invited into our lives.

What part of me can use a little bit of TLC today?

Merlin – When one manifests new things and experiences into the world, they then in turn change the world. You have lost touch with the true magic of your craft. It’s time to remember why you create, why you manifest the beautiful things you do and then send them out into the world. Remember that money is a byproduct, but should not be where focus lies or the goal of these endeavors.

The Lovers – Day 9

How am I currently treating {my relationship with} myself?

In this deck, the meaning of the Jesus card is about forgiveness and compassion. In the wake of the darkness and harsh judgements of the depression. You are now at a place where you are beginning to give yourself the compassion and forgiveness needed to heal and recover from that time of darkness, as well as the transgressions against yourself that took place during that time.

In what area or way am I asked to make choices in support of myself?

Saint Brigid in this deck appears to be the equivalent of the Queen of Wands in the tarot. She represents the inner fire within us all and our passions. These energies need to be stirred up in your life now that you are rising out of depression’s pit and finding the light again.

Side Note – There is an underlying message here in the vibrant amber glow connecting Archangel Jophiel, Jesus, and Saint Brigid that reinforces the message in the first prompt for today. It is an encouragement to connect more deeply in a spiritual level with my jewelry design and allow that connection to lift me up and bring more joy into the process.


The Self Appreciation #STCTarotChallenge for April Prompt
Questions for April

Tons of Luck TarotThis year so far has prepared me for…

The Sun – Having served your time in the journey down into depression’s pit and in the climb back out again, this year so far has prepared you to truly appreciate being in the light once more and reiterated for you just how important gratitude, positivity, and optimism is in making life worth living.

Now I…

Nine of Wands and Strength – …can go forth with strength and awareness of not just what I need to protect myself against (the cloying grip of negativity and the depression that it can then pull me into), but also how to do so effectively.

This spring I will make a habit of…

The Magician atop Biased Rx – …not taking my abilities and unique skills for granted. I am aware of just how harsh and dark my inner critic can be, and the damage its pollution can cause in my mind and life. I will remember that I have all of the skills, abilities, and tools I need to manifest whatever I want into reality.

This will allow…

Seven of Cups atop Wheel of Fortune – …me to turn my dreams into reality and seize control of my times of good fortune, as well as find the boon in times of bad luck as well.


Daily Self Kindness

Play with Gideon tonight really helped me with the tension I was starting to feel. The subdrop is coming… or well, it’s here even if it’s in the early stages. This time with Gideon helped in easing those feelings a bit.

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