Where the Small Joys Live

#DailyCalm with the Calm appToday’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and was another of the guided #DailyCalm meditations offered in the Calm app.

It’s odd to me that sometimes I am able to focus on what the guide is saying in the meditation, and other times? I only hear her voice, but not what she says. Today’s meditation was one of the latter.  It was very relaxing, but I really didn’t process what was said during the meditation.

The Houseplant Tarot - The SunToday’s draw is the Sun card, which is traditionally a representation of joy, happiness, success, warmth, and fun.

The imagery in this card is about photosynthesis, or well, that’s what I see in this card. I see a plant that is healthy and filled with joy as the sun provides its warm rays and leaves turn toward its warmth.

What is it in your environment that brings you joy? Are you taking it for granted? Today’s card is an encouragement to spend some time enjoying and appreciating those small things that bring us joy that we often find so commonplace that we start to take them for granted.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for April 7th – Where do you need…

Anima Mundi Tarot and Energy Archaeology OracleMore space?

Page of Wands and Wisdom – Give yourself some room to grow and expand on a fundamental level. Look at your principles, your passions, your spiritual path… seek to become more than you are.

More air?

Four of Cups, Receiving atop Worthy – Don’t shame yourself into feeling you are not worthy of rest and self care. Instead, open the “windows” within your life that your judgements hold closed and allow cleansing air to wash away stagnant negativity.

More love?

Two of Cups and Supporting – Allow those around you to help and support you. You don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s okay to accept (and even ask for) help, and giving that help is one of the ways others express their love for you.


The Self Appreciation #STCTarotChallenge for April Prompt
Questions for April 6th and 7th

The Houseplant TarotThis season I will actually…

Seven of Pentacles – …allow myself to slow down and let things move at their own pace. Too often I push and shove, trying to force things to move at a faster pace instead of accepting they will develop in their own time.

In order to…

Eight of Cups – …put distance between myself and the impatience that isn’t working for me. All that pushing raises my stress level and creates an opportunity to make unhealthy decisions for myself instead of healthy ones.

I will take a step back from…

Ace of Swords – …new ideas and inner dialogue that is harmful to me. There is a darkness within that melds smoothly and seamlessly with the darkness of the depression.  It’s time to take a step back from that darkness and shine a light on the fact that I am treating myself badly deep within where others can’t see.

In order to…

The Hermit – …make sure that my alone time this season is good and healthy.  I love alone time.  I really, really love alone time.  But it’s important that when I indulge in alone time, I am doing so in healthy ways. This isn’t possible when my inner dialogue is in control and permeating my thoughts.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m finishing this post before bed.  I know it seems like a silly and very little thing, but I felt like putting off finishing it until later.  When I do that, the posts build up like dirty laundry, with notes and half done writing left sitting for days sometimes.  I’m finishing this post so that I’m not starting another pile of what’s not finished here today.

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