Instilling Fun

#dailycalm on the Calm appToday’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and was another of the guided #dailycalm meditations from the Calm app. The topic of today’s meditation was patience. Specifically, patience with oneself when meditating.

It can be hard to stay focused during meditation. The brain likes to wander. In today’s meditation, we are encouraged to understand that meditation is a practice… as in you are practicing. As in “practice makes perfect”, which means perfect isn’t in the now but something we reach for. In meditation, perfection is not expected or required.

The Little Buddha Tarot - The SunToday’s draw is the Sun card, which is traditionally a representation of success, optimism, positivity, fun and frivolity. In my path, the Sun is also a symbol of male vitality, virility, and warmth.

This card’s imagery is all about fun, and the message today is a simple one. Have fun. It’s your day off.

I’m planning on doing just that. In fact, I have plans to go flower and herb shopping later today to pick up the first round of annuals to add to my balcony garden.

I used to grow my annuals and herbs from seed, but now that I’m running the home business and there’s so much to do, it’s just easier to go to the nursery and pick up what I want.  I’m suspecting I should be able to pick up a good bit of what I need this round, and then the rest of it perhaps by the end of the month depending on the weather.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for April 1st and 2nd

Winged Spirit Tarot, Oracle of the Hidden World, Conscious Spirit OracleWhat is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself this month?

The Emperor and Earth Elemental – Use grounding and gratitude to help you take back control of your life. The depression has held you in its grip long enough. Seize upon the opportunity to use your connection with the earth and nature to help pull you back out and onto solid footing.

What is the most valuable thing you can do for others this month?

Hierophant and Insight – Lend your knowledge, experience, and expertise to their goals and endeavors. You have a lot to offer and people appreciate and enjoy when you share far more than you realize.

What is the most valuable thing you can be open to others doing for you this month?

Eight of Wands and The Gift – Motivation. Others have the ability to draw you in and lift you up. It might niggle at you independent streak to let them do so, but it is a valuable gift you shouldn’t take for granted.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for April 1st and 2nd

The Little Buddha TarotWhen feeling foolish, how can I find my confidence?

Ten of Pentacles and King of Swords – Foolishness is the first step to accomplishment. Look at all you have accomplished with a cool and logical mind, and take time to appreciate all that you have already done as well as how you got there. The strategy of success (especially in areas of innovation) requires that if you want to succeed, you must first look foolish.

What do I know about myself for sure?

Nine of Wands and Ace of Pentacles – You like to keep new ideas close to the vest until you’ve had time to implement them. Too many times you’ve been screwed over by people stealing your ideas. It comes off as secretive to some, but in truth you are just protecting what is has the potential to be important to you.


Daily Self Kindness

I expressed what I need to Gideon.  That’s often not the easiest thing for me when we’re in the middle of intimacy and I’m feeling small.

One thought on “Instilling Fun

  1. I will always always try to give you what you need my love. You can always ask for it from me. I know its not easy when you are small but I’m always willing to listen snd give it my all

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