Leaning In

Today’s meditation was about fifteen minutes long and was an unguided meditation of breathing exercises while I did my piriformis stretching. It was done a bit later than normal because the housekeeper came early and I waited to do my meditation until after she left, but otherwise it was pretty standard and comfortable.

Interim Tarot Beyond Borders and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Star card, which is traditionally a representation of the connection between the different realms of the human experience (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical), as well as of the guidance that can be provided through focusing on hope and optimism.

When you combine the Thera-Pets card with the Star card, what we see as today’s message is all about that sense of optimism and hope.  It’s about working to keep that feeling alive, and consciously focusing on fostering those thoughts in your head.  Especially when you are feeling anxious and worried, dealing with anxiety or experiencing dread.

During these times is the time to really lean in to those efforts toward optimism and hope.  The rest of the time?  That’s just practice. Practice for the really tough times when you really need that hopeful and positive perspective.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt

Children of Litha TarotCreateThe Chariot atop Four of Coins – Stability. Take control and create stability.

This is less about me, but about helping a friend that I spoke to about an hour after this reading was finished. As often happens for me when doing readings for myself, it gave me the advice that I needed prior to knowing that I needed advice.

EvolveTemperance – Instill calm where there is chaos.

Again, this is advice given on the situation prior to the needing of advice.  The situation where this advice was needed came into the picture about an hour after this reading was first done. The guidance given helped in preparing me for what I needed to offer my friend in their time of need.

Balance – Nine of Wands and King of Cups – Make sure your boundaries are in place to keep you on steady footing, and talk to Gideon.

Still in preemptive mode as far as advice goes, this also rang true about an hour later. In hearing that I needed to have good boundaries in place, I was able to do this with less thought during my time supporting my friend… and those boundaries in turn helped me help others in this instance. In seeking Gideon out a bit later, I then was able to find the comfort that I personally needed.

This reading is a reminder that sometimes when you do a reading it won’t always ring true in the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.  If given the chance, the cards can and will prepare you for things to come, sometimes without you even realizing they are doing so.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
: How can I best express my love for others?

Interim Tarot Beyond BordersReading Summary: Create a sense of security from a position of leadership (King of Pentacles) instead of allowing things to fall (Eight of Wands) into anarchy (Five of Swords).

Take Away: Those around me seek the stability and unflappable assurance of my support.  Although I don’t often realize that I’m offering it, or even notice, they do.  And they feel when I occasionally (if temporarily)  “abdicate the throne”.  By standing strong and being the solid (and predictable) person they know, it keeps conflict to a minimum and puts chaos on hold.


Daily Self Kindness

Yesterday was orders day and I made L get up from her late evening nap and help me package in order to cut the time packaging in half so that I too could go to bed at a decent time.

One thought on “Leaning In

  1. Mmmm I know what this was about, and i think I might have forgotten to say it amidst my worry over YOUR well being in trying to help others in this type of thing…I’m always here for you, babe. No matter what your need.

    Even if I don’t necessarily like or agree with what you are doing, I’m still here to support you.

    I just don’t feel like this kind of energy is good for you, especially so close to a near miss of an MDE yourself.

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