Don’t Close Your Eyes

Today’s meditation was skipped because I  napped instead… with a little bit of dawdling on my phone on the side.

IMG_4512Today’s draw is the Eight of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of turning a blind eye to important information, ignorance, the closed minded set of having a victim mentality, and allowing negative thoughts and inner narratives to take your power and dictate what you can’t do.

There are times that when we fuck up, it’s because we didn’t get enough information first, or even turned our eyes away from what we needed to know. This lack of knowledge then hinders us and can cause us to stumble or fall as a result.

Instead of being down on ourselves because we missed something, and having missed it we end up cutting ourselves on the swords of life… Remember that these moments and mistakes allow you to come back better and stronger the next time you were confronted with a similar problem.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread 2

Children of Litha TarotWolf – How can I encourage my strength and bravery for hurdles yet to come?

Seven of Swords – Stand strong in what you stand for and where you’re values lie. Check in with your moral compass often, and pay attention when it speaks up instead of pushing the concerns aside or trying to mitigate them.

Owl – How can I learn to better trust my perception of the world and others?

Queen of Swords – You carry with you the lessons you’ve learned in the past, and in those lessons you possess knowledge that has been tried and tested. Don’t forsake that knowledge just because you want it to be wrong.

Stag – Where in my life can greater dignity create a stronger sense of integrity?

Ace of Swords – New ambitions can turn us all into fools at heart. When you approach new ideas and ambitions with dignity, you allow a measure of of balance and added integrity to that fool that resides within your heart.

Eagle – Why does good and successful leadership also require a modicum of grace?

Knight of Pentacles – Because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and takes time and attention to accomplish anything of great worth and do well at it. Grace gives you that added time and space to ensure those you lead are cared for along the way.

Salmon – In what direction have I been moving by instinct without realizing it?

Nine of Swords – Anxiety is high right now and a big part of that is habitual. In the past, you have used the adrenaline that your anxiety produces to light a fire under your ass for the approaching busy season.

Wild Goose – How have my past relationships and friendships taught me to be a better person?

Strength – They have taught me to see, better understand, and respect my personal strengths and how they can be used to connect with and help others.


BekahMurphysMagic’s #IntuitiveHealingTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for September 9th thru 14th

Retrospective TarotWhere am I facing blocks in my healing?

Knight of Cups – What we want doesn’t always align with what we need. Keep in mind that you just can’t always have everything you want, and that wouldn’t be healthy for you even if you could.

How do I address this blockage in my healing?

Three of Cups – Celebrate what you have and who you have it with. Put people first on your priority list, with joy as a close second.

Where am I facing blocks in abundance?

Five of Coins – You have no blocks in your abundance, but you do have scarcity issues. This is a perception of always never having enough and needing more. Keep in mind that self-fulfilling prophecies are a thing.

How do I address this blockage in abundance?

Four of Cups – Do what needs done to set it aside. This perception of scarcity is not helping you and can cause a great deal of harm. Better to set it aside than to let it disrupt all that you’ve built.

What is the current area in which my family needs healing?

King of Swords – We are all adrift due to the fact no one has taken the helm and set down the “law of the land” where family is concerned.

How do I heal my family in this area?

Four of Coins – Provide that stable base needed for everyone to balance upon. Be the raft in the ocean of uncertainty.


Daily Self Kindness

I’ve started making sure that I have my probiotic smoothie every day again, even on days like today where I’m unenthusiastic about it.  It’s weird how even the stuff I enjoy and brings me pleasure can at times be things that I feel so “meh” about. But only those things that are -good- for me, not all things.

Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Alice in Tarotland, Zombie Diaries Oracle, Illustrated Bestiary Cards, Illustrated Herbiary Cards, Illustrated Crystallary Cards

EarthDeath and Beach Morning Glory – Things are beginning to shift. Have faith in yourself and your resiliency. And remember, not all change is bad. Look for the boon.

AirThree of Swords and Canal – Community effort is needed for survival. Make sure you aren’t keeping your inner narratives to yourself. Tripping over tongues aside, people that you depend on (and that depend on you) need to know what is going on.

WaterThe Star and Glowworms – Stay in touch with your emotions and don’t shut them out. It’s okay to allow yourself this time and let your emotions take the wheel for a while. Just make sure they stay on a path of positivity, hope, and optimism. You need that spark of light in your life right now.

FireThe Hermit, Dragon atop Petrified Tree – Now is not the time to jump on “the holiday rush is coming” express train. There is power and strength in holding back right now, and taking this time for yourself.

WaningSea Eagle and Mugwort – Although small, slow changes are beginning to slip in here and there, it’s not time to jump just yet. Hold back and rest for a bit longer.

WaxingBlue Topaz atop Ammolite – Patience is not always easy, but it’s “rocker on the porch” time in your life right now. Sit back and observe the world around you with a calm and peaceful eye.

Take Away – This reading is all about making sure I’m not getting too far into the holiday prep yet. I have a bit longer to take time for myself. Don’t rush.