Finding the Fire Within – Part 4

The Nursmaid's 36 Tales Lenormand

How can I be my true self during conflict?

Broom and Bear – Instead of beating yourself up and allowing that negative self talk to tear you down, stand up strong and true for your beliefs and your opinions.

How can I integrate courage into my authentic self journey?

Clover and Star – Positive thinking is needed.  You know it works and can lead you in to better things, so as corny as it might sound and as much as you struggle with it… it’s important and can lift you up when you need that extra boost of courage.

How does my integrity and values influence my authentic self?

Lily and Fish – You are old far beyond your years, with the wisdom behind that age you have yet to come close to reaching. Allowing that “old soul” within you to lead you forward keeps you true to yourself each step along your path.

What will be the biggest challenge through this journey?

Clouds and Snake – Self doubt.  You are your own worst enemy.  Combined with your proclivity towards self destructive behavior, it’s the biggest challenge you will face.

How can I inspire others to discover and express their authenticity?

Fox and House – Just care for them and be supportive of them. By giving them the support they need and giving them a place of safety to explore, you are fostering their own journey of self discovery.

Self-Care Birds – Don’t skip out on the phone appointments this week.  You know you want to, but do them anyway. They’re important.


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