Morning Bonus Read – Appreciation

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
The weather may be getting cooler or bringing in some mighty storms wherever you are and for some of us, it gives us joy, but not for all of us. Today, we will discover and give a little appreciation to ourselves. This is a short prompt, enjoy some TLC after!

Bicycle Sewer Dwellers Playing CardsWhere in my mind am I feeling my best? Why?

Nine of Hearts and Seven of Spades – I’m feeling at peace and content in my mental health because I managed to dodge a bullet with the medication adjustment I did at the last MDE onset.

What familiar comfort can connect me more closely with how my mind is feeling?

Nine of Spades atop Two of Clubs – These cards are a reminder that I now know what the medication adjustment can do and, when I detect another onset coming in the future, I can use this again at that time.

Where in my body am I feeling my best? Why?

Ten of Clubs and Ace of Clubs – I’ve made leaps and bounds this year at the new strategy in not overwhelming myself with too much on my plate at once, and thus managing to avoid the resulting cycle of burn out.

What familiar comfort can connect me more closely with how my body is feeling?

Three of Clubs – Keep doing what I’m doing. It’s working and it’s a healthier choice than what I was doing before. Make it familiar and routine, a permanent part of my path going forward.

Where in my energy am I feeling my best? Why?

King of Hearts – Although it never feels like enough, I’m getting the support that I need in my relationship to keep my energy uplifted. When everything else feels like it goes to shit, I am drawn to Gideon like a moth to a flame. He helps me get out of my own head, find peace, and reminds me that I am loved.

What familiar comfort can connect me more closely with how my energy is feeling?

Ten of Hearts – Don’t forsake the positive place that this energy provides. The security of knowing I am loved, and that he’s not going anywhere, is something worth not just acknowledgment, but a good amount of wallowing in.

Where in my true self am I feeling my best? Why?

Six of Hearts and King of Diamonds – I am starting to find a new level of peace with my past and look at it in a more positive manner. This has been brought about by the realization that I need to create a more compartmentalized view of the past and the present, a discovery that I made earlier this year and I’ve been processing ever since.

What familiar comfort can connect me more closely with how my true self is feeling?

Ten of Diamonds atop Ace of Spades – Sink into the new sense of stability that this realization has created. I’ve always been hyper-fixated on building increasingly more stability and security in my life. This new realization has allowed me to enjoy what I’ve built and be comfortable instead of being driven to always do more.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Appreciation

  1. I’m so glad you were able to avoid the worst of the depression pulling you down.
    Just keep in mind that we have to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you are indeed on a path to an MDE and not in drop or just a minor dip, yeah? Your meds are fantastic at doing what they do but that little bit of extra will throw you for a HUGE loop should you take it when you are not actually out of balance.

    We’ll be careful, love, don’t worry.

    And yes, baby, I am here. Always. Always

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