Self-Flagellation Doesn’t Help

Today’s meditation was skipped again. I overslept.  I’ve been sleeping a bit more than usual lately and apparently I needed it, but it meant that I got a late start on my day and on the drive to the post office.

L'Œil de L'Âme Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Witch of Pentacles (Knight of Pentacles), which is traditionally a representation of focusing on long term goals and moving towards them at a moderate pace, hard work, and working under an established routine.

I often associate the Knight of Pentacles with a lack of speed. This isn’t always a bad thing, for sometimes when we are reaching for our goals, it’s important to take our time. And there are times that it’s not just important to take our time, but that we are forced to through one circumstance or another.

It’s not healthy to berate and otherwise beat yourself up for this slower pace.  Necessary or not, it’s okay to go slow now and then. It’s okay for things to take time.

Today’s cards are a personal message to me to remind me of this. They are saying, “So you’re running late… Who cares, it’s okay. just keep going, and do what you can to mitigate the issue. Don’t beat yourself up over it. There’s no point. And it just makes you feel like crap.”


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions through September 16th thru 18th

Messengers of the Great Bear Oracle and the Transient Light TarotHow can I silence my inner critic?

Jellyfish and The Wheel – Come to terms with the fact that you are perfectly imperfect, just like everyone else. Sometimes you’re gonna do things aren’t right and sometimes you’re gonna do things wrong, and that’s just the way it is. In fact, that’s the way it supposed to be.

What needs to be different in my life?

Dragonfly and The World – You need to work on instilling more mindfulness into your practice and into your life. More presence within the world around you, and a greater awareness outside of yourself.

How can I love myself more?

Crow and The Lovers – Work on making better choices that help in integrating with your shadow and resolving inner wounds, rather than shutting these things down or pushing them away.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 17

L'Œil de L'Âme TarotYour AddictionThe Magician and The Sun – Having the ability and autonomy to go after whatever it is that lights me up and makes me happy whenever I want.

This freedom to seek out pleasure as I see fit has made it harder for me to do the things that I don’t like doing, because I’m so focused on what feels good and what I enjoy that I am increasingly more reluctant to focusing on those other things.

How to Introduce ModerationAce of Swords atop Nine of Swords, The Star – You need to work on developing some new boundaries for yourself, while keeping a positive and uplifting outlook during the time needed to do the things that you don’t enjoy all that much.

I spoke with my shrink about this last Wednesday.  It’s about setting down parameters for things that are a must to do, period.  Like feeding the cat.  No matter what, every single day I get up and feed the cat.  I have to, because the cat has to eat. Other things, such as my smoothie, my tea, and possibly also my meditation, need to be looked at in a similar way.  They aren’t things you do because you enjoy them, but things that are simply a necessary part of your day’s structure and can’t be skipped.


Daily Self Kindness

I packed myself an extra lunch today for my trip, so that I’d have plenty of food with me and wouldn’t have to stop and spend money to eat somewhere along the way.  I also took a nap once I got home.

One thought on “Self-Flagellation Doesn’t Help

  1. Be kind to yourself, man. Don’t push so hard. You wouldn’t do it with someone else, so don’t do it to yourself either. Maybe you need to try and see things from that perspective, ask yourself if you’d feel the same if it were someone else and not YOU that you were having such expectations of…

    I love you. GOD I miss you. We haven’t had near enough time the last two or three weeks. it’s been kinda crazy without the crazy

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