Comfort + Support Tarot Reading

Intuitive Tarot in the Comfort + Support Spread

Roots – What Grounds You

Ace of Swords – The knowledge that you are capable of bringing new ideas to life when you wish to do so. You are not at the whims of fate, but rather can take your ideas and use them to create your own future.

Support From Your Guides

Nine of Swords Rx – Remember that your fears and anxieties are a cage that hold you back. In overcoming them, you are set free.

Support From the Divine Masculine

Six of Swords – You are strong enough to make the changes needed for a better future. Don’t look back. Old habits are left behind for a reason, and picking them up will pull you backwards.

Support From the Divine Feminine

Ten of Cups – Stay focused on what is important to you. Protect the newly born in your life that brings you joy and pleasure.

Support From Your Higher Self

Queen of Cups – Continue to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being open and vulnerable even through the hard times is the only way to teach yourself to not shut down with these more difficult times, which in turn will help you grow to a point you will no longer feel the need to close yourself off in the future.

Action to Take Now

Two of Cups – Connect with those closest to you that you hold near and dear. Allow them to support you and move along with you at your side in this journey.

Action to Take to Help Move You Through

Three of Discs – Work together. You don’t have to do everything yourself, in fact you shouldn’t. Working together doesn’t just spread out the work load, but brings in other skills and abilities that you don’t personally possess. It is also a bonding experience.

Continued Self – Care

King of Discs – Make sure you are getting the grounding energy you need. It’s important to have a strong and stable foundation to lead from. When you aren’t stable, you have a habit of retreating into yourself and that will not assist you in what’s coming over the next few months.


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