Transitioning from December to January

Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot, Tree Whisperer Oracle

Individuality The World and Story – You are at a time in your life where you have the opportunity to grab hold and write your own story.  This time in your life is a transition, and as you step through out of the old and into the new, you are in the perfect position to take control and make your own narrative.

Dependence Page of Cups and Expression – Leaving behind old ways of dealing with your emotions is the only way to make room for new healthier ways of experiencing, handling, and expressing your emotions to others.  The holiday rush allowed you to slip deep into the old habits of closing off and closing down, but now that the end of the year has come, you need to let those habits go and reconnect with the emotional growth you’ve been striving for over the past year.

Creativity The Tower and Creativity – An echo of the previous card, these cards indicate that you are in a position to tear down the old, dismantle it, and create something new and better from the pieces. The opportunity is now so make sure you take advantage of it and look forward to those things you want to change and begin building them into your future from now.

Limitation Knight of Swords and Unity – The Unity card looks like knobby knees… just sayin’.  My limitations at this time have to do with what inner voices and thoughts I allow to take over, and which I abandon.  I’ve come to the realization that that inner narrative is much lie a wild mustang running through a field. If you allow it to run, it will run wild and free…. and shit all over the place as it goes. The knobby knees say that a slow approach and choosing what thoughts I connect with is a better choice… but not the easiest.

Change Three of Wands and Knowledge – You know what you want.  There may be a handful of different options available to you as a whole, but even with just a general idea, you know the right direction to head in and how to avoid the pitfalls along the path.  You’re in a far more stable and functional place this year than the last, so use that knowledge to set your feet on the right path forward.

Sympathy Page of Pentacles atop Eight of Pentacles, Balance – Sometimes, when you’re learning something new, it because a slow and struggling process.  Not all things worth having come easily, some of them cost you in time and money, sweat and effort. Many times in the past when you’ve run across these issues, you’ve pushed yourself harder and harder, exhausted yourself and abused yourself to learn faster and get further in less time.  It’s time to learn that the time doesn’t matter… but balancing self care into the equation does.

Luck Six of Swords and Insight – An echo of the “Change” position above, here we see the confidence of knowing what is right for you and going after it.  You have an innate and very intuitive ability to know the path that is right for you and head in that direction.  It has served you well all your life and these cards are a reminder of how this has gone in the past and an encouragement to keep up with this very successful method of decision making as you continue into the future.

Power Seven of Pentacles, Roots atop Stillness – Keep in mind that when you allow things to grow slowly over time, they still need tending or growth will become stilted and stagnant.  There is a big difference between attentive patience, or negligence and neglect.   If you feel like something is stalling out, make sure you are looking into it and giving it little nurturing nudges of encouragement to keep things moving and healthy.

Responsibility King of Cups atop Ace of Pentacles, Inspiration atop Guidance – You have the opportunity now to start connecting with Gideon again and starting fresh with the creative endeavors you share.  You have the opportunity to lean into him, to allow him to foster your hope and help you find pleasurable pursuits you two can share as well as share in the pursuits you already enjoy together.   These cards are about taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy time with him, whether that is in play or together tucked into quiet time and talk.

Message from Spirit World – Allow the beginnings and quiet in your life to slowly expand into inner strength and inner stability.  From that place of strength and stability you can grow the seeds of new ideas and they will thrive far better than they would in the cacophony of chaos.

Message from Mind’s World – Speaking from the heart will foster growth and allow you to “write your own story” along the way.  Just keep in mind that sometimes, to write your own story, you have to start by tearing apart the storyline already in place in order to build a better one.

Message from Known World – Just because the holiday rush is over and things are slowing down doesn’t mean that the girls can’t continue to help you in keeping up on your work, and in doing so help take some of the pressure and stress off your shoulders. It’s time to try something new, so give it a go.

Take Away – There is a lot here about starting out as you want to continue on, and making changes for the better now that the holiday rush is over.  I have a chance to make these changes now and then carry them forward into the future from here.  Now is the time to look at what I want and how I want to go about getting those things, then begin the steps that will take me in that direction.  This goes far beyond just my business, but is very focused in this reading upon finding a better balance in my life between work and self care, and finding new ways of doing things that are healthier than my past habits and methods.


One thought on “Transitioning from December to January

  1. Looks like it’s time to make some big changes, hm? Though I can’t think of a better time for a fresh start…holiday rush is over, a brand new year and a new mindset. I know that it’s scary, change is almost always scary, but now’s the time to start thinking about reworking things so that next year rush maybe won’t be so crazy, hm? And next year, hopefully you don’t have to shut down and work yourself damn near to death to get it all done.

    And of course I’m all for having more time with you. I very much need to have more time with you.

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