Morning Bonus Read – Weekly Contemplation

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“This week, let’s take a minute to breathe and talk with our divination tools about this holiday time.”

Favole Playing Cards by Victoria FrancesWhat am I grieving the loss of this week?
Four of Diamonds

That stability that I am so constantly craving more of.  With the holiday rush now fully upon me, there’s very little stability to be had as the world whirls around me in a chaotic cacophony of demands for my attention, all of which can’t be ignored.

What am I doing to protect my world and make it better this week?
Queen of Clubs atop Eight of Clubs

I am using my enthusiasm for that stability and security I crave to ride the energy of that chaos through the storm. This is something I have done year after year and am experienced at, and with every year that passes it’s more busy… and more fruitful.  I need to give myself over to the wild ride.

How can I partake in community and giving and accepting support from my loved ones this week?
Ten of Spades atop Queen of Hearts

(Just sayin’, but that Queen of Hearts looks like a young Z.  I mean.. wow.)
Okay, that aside.  Although the holiday rush requires physical support from my loved ones, it’s their emotional support that is really important right now even beyond the physical efforts they’re making to help me out with the business.  Gideon, Z, and L are my lifelines and I need to remember to share with them how I’m feeling rather than closing it up inside where it will fester and crush me into the dirt.

What do I have to be thankful for this week?
King of Diamonds

The holiday rush creates one big huge gigantic boon and the King of Diamonds clearly expresses exactly what that is.  The money is rolling in and that is… so fucking great.


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