Morning Bonus Read – Difficulties

Difficulties Tarot Spread - The Lunatic Tarot

What is difficult right now?
Ace of Wands

Keeping my motivation up and running when there’s so much to do and so little time.  It becomes frustrating to feel continuously like you’re falling behind only to have a moment of “Oh, I’m caught up” show up now and then for a moment long enough to get one deep breath before the race continues.

What can I learn from this struggle?

Sometimes it makes me feel like I want to just set it all aside and walk away, and then I remember why I’m doing all this and it helps me stay the course. It’s about independence, and being able to live my life on my terms how I want to live.

What will help me move through it?
Knight of Wands atop Seven of Swords

Strategy and cunning carried forward on my desires for what I want to accomplish.  This is about determination and willpower, and the clever cunning to find a way to do it no matter what.  My skill at making sure I come out on top, even while being carried through the most violent of rapids, is what will help me move through this time of lack of motivation and struggle with my inspirational spark.

What do I have to look forward to?
Four of Cups

Soon enough you’ll have time to rest and recover and meditate and enjoy all that off time again that you were struggling to get used to in the summer.  And… you’ll probably struggle with again when the opportunity returns.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Difficulties

  1. Oh my god I’m never going to catch up…and I’m feeling nauseous so I don’t know how many more I can do tonight. I’m trying though. Jesus so many…

    Money, that is why you are doing this, hm? Baby needs the money. You don’t want to return to that time of barely keeping yourself fed and you crave that stability to the point of obsession, hm?

    GOD I miss you though. I suck so bad at these times of rush. I just don’t do well without you. Never have

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