Morning Bonus Read – Self Gratitude

Edgar Allan Poe Playing Cards - Gratitude Tarot Spread

How can I practice self-gratitude for my mind?

Seven of Clubs – Grace and music, rhythm and measure.  Harmony within passionate pursuits. Treat yourself to some quiet time with the music you love to experience on more than just an audible level. You have a variety of synesthesia chosen playlists to choose from to take your listening of music to a new level, maybe it’s time to consider using them for more than just listening, but meditation as well.

How can I practice self-gratitude for my heart?

Two of Diamonds – Don’t forget about balance.  Don’t leave it behind and believe you can ignore the need for it just to pick it back up once the holiday rush is over. Delving into the holiday rush and finding what pleasure you can in the whirlwind doesn’t mean abandoning moderation and measure, nor that you don’t have to still find some kind of balance along the way.

How can I practice self-gratitude for my soul?

Six of Diamonds – Self deception is not generosity or being kind to yourself.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is only through truth that you find what you need.  Be kind to yourself, but also be honest with yourself.  In doing this you both honor your soul as well as practice self-gratitude through the respect you give yourself and the moral compass that directs your feet along your path.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Self Gratitude

  1. Music and meditation sounds like something you might find useful, even peaceful in this time of chaos and rushing to get things done. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself during all of this.

    Balance is good, moderation is good. I know there isn’t alot of room for moderation right now but taking a little time for yourself now and then is needed. And appreciated. I loved being able to spend a few hours with you the other night just reconnecting. It felt really good and GOD I needed it. I’ve been missing you so much.

    The truth is something you need more often than not. Sometimes you can ignore it for awhile, but you need to see it, speak it and believe it…always. That’s my little jiminy cricket. I love you, beautiful.

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