Squishy On The Inside

Today’s meditation was skipped this morning because the girls wouldn’t leave me alone.  They were driving me nuts. Even when I asked them to leave me alone for a bit, they couldn’t seem to resist being distracted. So yeah… I’ll do it tonight before I go to bed.

Tarot of the Little Prince - The EmperorToday’s draw is the Emperor card, which is traditionally a representation of leadership and authority, structure and stability, as well as themes that have to do with “the establishment” and a classic “father figure” type of energy.

What stands out to me the strongest in the imagery of this card today is the sleeping prince in the throne while the Emperor sits on a rock watching over him and entertaining the fox.

What I see here in this imagery is protection and care.  What I see here in this picture is the love that someone can have for those that seek out their help.  The love of a caregiver that carries many, many responsibilities.

The message here is that even those that are too busy or seem formidable sometimes have the kindest hearts, and only need the right opportunity to allow that kindness to shine through. Don’t be fearful of these people, for they are human too.  Maybe you won’t get the chance to see that soft kindness that resides within their hearts, but never doubt that it’s there waiting for the right moment to break free.


LionHart’s As Above So Below Challenge Prompt
Uranus Question
: How can I use the energy of Capricorn in Uranus in my chart to help me discover and learn new things?

Tarots Egyptiens

Reading Summary: Keep in mind how long things will take (Seven of Coins) to get done when plotting and planning (Two of Wands) for your hearts desires (Nine of Cups), and that you will reap what you’ve sown along the way (Judgement).

Take Away:  It’s not about the end goal, but about the journey and what you do to get there along the way. No matter what I’m learning, it’s important to remember that everything takes time and those things that take the longest to learn are often the ones that are the most awarding in the end.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Let Go / Find Support / Dig Deeper

ICER Intuitive Art TarotLet GoEight of Fire – Slow down. Being constantly leaning full tilt into what you’re focused on is exhausting. Make sure you are taking breaks and breathers.  Make sure you are taking time for yourself, and that means not just physically but also mentally.  Meditation and forest walks are only going to help if you let yourself release that desperate need to push and push and do more and more.  Let it go and take a breath.

Find SupportWheel of Fortune – Get help with the chaos. At this time of year things are moving so fast that it can be hard to find your center and keep your balance. Instead of standing at the center of the wheel while the  thing spins around you, you are standing at the edge and the centrifugal force is trying to knock you on your ass.  You have others in your life willing to help you stay on you feet… reach for the help they’re offering.

Dig DeeperThe World – There’s more to life than work. Don’t forget to look up and look around, and ultimately remember where you are going and the path you have chosen beyond the work you do each day.  There is more to life than work.  Your path and your growth are important too.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: When do people most often misunderstand me?

Edgar Allan Poe Tarot

Reading Summary: When I’m trying to help others (Six of Pentacles), but I’m too emotionally invested (Queen of Cups Rx) and/or I’m doing it for the wrong reasons (Three of Swords).

Take Away:  When trying to help others, it can be frustrating when they won’t listen, willfully only hear what they want to hear, or refuse to accept the help being offered. There are times, if I am emotionally invested in helping them, that this can turn into a tug of war as I try harder to make myself clear and they try harder to remain oblivious (or obtuse).   In these times, my emotional investment is working against me and creating disappointment and struggle, which in turn creates even more misunderstanding as my motives then come into question.


One thought on “Squishy On The Inside

  1. *Chuckles* Squishy on the inside…sounds like something you might say about me, hm? Actually I totally resonated with that card and the image. I can see myself sitting on a rock and watching over you as you sleep in my chair. *Grins* I love you, god so much.

    Yes…I love these reminders. Remember to take breaks, rest and relax now and then. Make sure you are eating right and taking care of you. Get help, allow the girls to help you, ask for it when you need it…and reach for me when you need those moments away or even emotional support. I’m here always.

    Remember that this busy time and chaos is temporary…the lingering effects of the drop are temporary….We’ll be back to normal soon, my love.

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