Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Teapot

Pull (at least) three cards use them as the foundation to tell us about the life of a very delicate or fragile object or person.

22 Talismani in 22 ArcaniI once lived in the home of an old mystic (La Papessa – The High Priestess) that was skilled in many methods of divination (Il Bagatto – The Magician). I was trusted to hold her special herbs and serve them up in warm water’s embrace, so that she could read the tea leaves that fell from my spout.

Many that came to the mystic’s home specifically to have their tea leaves read, and they looked upon my rounded belly like shining beacon of hope. (Le Stelle – The Star)

One day, someone did not like the advice given in the tea leaves. They reported the mystic to the law (La Giustizia – Justice), who then came and told her that she had to shut down (La Torre – The Tower) and would no longer be able to take people into her home (L’eremita – The Hermit).

The mystic moved on from the path of the tea leaves (La Forza – Strength). She found other things bring her joy and became a great-grandmother (Il Sole The Sun). Soon after, she passed on and I was placed in gentle hands to be set upon a shelf (L’appeso – The Hanging). to watch quietly as the mystic’s family continued to grow and flourish in her wake. I am a remnant of the past, and a remembrance of a woman loved and now gone (La Temperanza – Temperance).


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