Turn Around… It’s About Perspective

Today’s meditation has not happened yet, because I had to get up early to help with things in the kitchen. I will be doing the meditation before sleep today, and will probably fall asleep during, as I’m very tired.

Today’s draw is the Eight of Swords, and thus reading is an intuitive hit that’s is 100% off of the card imagery.

The message in today’s card is that sometimes when things are looking their worst, you just need to open your eyes and look behind you. It’s not often that solutions to life’s problems just fall into your lap, sometimes a little creative thinking outside the box is in order for things to fall into place.


Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: What what truth would like to reveal itself to me?

Ostara Tarot Reading Summary: When you pounce on new ambitions and passions, it can cause struggle and conflict (Five of Wands atop Ace of Wands), true success takes a combination of hard work, time, and patience (Temperance atop Seven of Coins). With those qualities present you can fly (The Star).

Take Away:  I have this habit of “pounce and plunder” whenever amazing new project ideas spring up, and that can cause a lot of chaos as I try to fit them in with current responsibilities. The cards are reminding me that “slow and steady wins the race”. If I want to achieve my goals, I need to practice some patience.


One thought on “Turn Around… It’s About Perspective

  1. Do you feel things are “looking the worst”? Your energy doesn’t feel that downtrodden but because of the read, I have to ask.

    I know things are about to get hectic, but you’ll get through it love, I promise. You always do

    I miss you, babyboy. So much

    And yeah, love, slow and steady…and that ideas journal we talked about. Just keep track of them all and get to them when you can.

    I love you man. Always

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