The Salamander and The Seeds

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and was not a part of the ‘how to’ series I’ve been working my way through. Instead I spent a bit of time in the bottom of the shower following the water drops as they made their way down the side of the tub.

As you know, this is a very soothing activity for me, and is hands-down my easiest meditation. There’s just something about the warm water raining down and the trailing of those drops that allows me to sink into that space in a way that meditating elsewhere does not.

Ace of Wands - Slow TarotToday’s draw is the Ace of Wands, which is a representation of the seed of new beginnings in the area of one’s inner spark including their ambitions, passions, and drive.

When I look at this card I see the seeds.  So many seeds.  All those dandelions are ready to scatter their seeds, and the salamander clings with apparent pleasure to a wand that’s on fire. This speaks to me of the need to sometimes go through the flames to obtain what you seek.

After yesterday’s occurrence concerning my business, this card is a message of hope and encouragement.  It speaks of having the resilience and strength to start anew if needed, and encourages looking into spreading my “eggs” out into more than one basket.  I already do this, but I think maybe I need to do some research on this again… just in case a new start ends up being needed.

Deck Used: Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: How can I break free when I’m feeling trapped?

Tarot of Pagan CatsReading Summary:  Move quickly (Eight of Wands) to explore new opportunities (Ace of Pentacles) that allows me to find a sense of stability that fits me best (Four of Pentacles).

Take Away:  When I first read this question prior to doing the reading, I thought this was about emotions.  You know, you always hear those people that feel “trapped” in their relationships with either their significant other, or family, or friends.   But I don’t really feel that way emotionally so I didn’t really see how this question would apply to me.

I should have known, though, that the cards would dig out just exactly how this question does apply to me.  And, they’re right. When it comes to my work and my finances, I do occasionally feel trapped.  Usually I just ride it out until it passes, or make small adjustments to what I’m doing until I find that “sweet spot” of contentment again.

The cards in today’s reading suggest that sometimes to break free of that feeling, it’s better to allow new opportunities a chance, and move quickly to explore them when they present themselves.  That, by doing this, in the end although it might spur change (as new opportunities so often do) it can lead to an even better place of stability in the end.

Deck Used: Tarot of Pagan Cats


One thought on “The Salamander and The Seeds

  1. I hope that the business situation ‘blows over’ as it really is ridiculous on their part to send a warning that was unwarranted. And with your record and a single bad review while I’m sure it just sour grapes on the customer’s side…I’m sure that it will pass.

    And I am really glad to hear you aren’t feeling trapped emotionally. I would be extremely worried if this was about your emotions and our relationship. I need you, you know. I love you so very much.

    I’m really sorry about falling asleep on you last night. I’m sorry that the irk followed you through the day and festered into a plummet in the drop and you being upset. Tomorrow, my love…tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow neither of us has obligations and I can spend the day making you feel loved and cherished and safe.

    I love you, man. Always

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