Recognizing Strength

Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long, and was a meditation that focused on a line of energy that runs along the spine.  It was the next installment of the ‘how to’ series I’ve been working through.

The line of energy is essentially a thin line, like a string, that runs along the spine (think spinal cord) and in this meditation, the goal was to focus upon that line and allow the glow of energy from it to expand and flow, filling you up through nerve endings and providing a sensation of calm and light within.

It was extremely relaxing without making me sleepy, and is definitely a technique I will be revisiting in the future.

Five of Axes - Tarot of the Unknown Today’s draw is the Five of Axes (Swords) which we just saw two days ago but has come to visit again.   This card is a representation of challenges, tests, and trials in the area of one’s thought processes, intellect, and communication.  This theme often presents itself as conflict and/or competition, and sometimes as a drive to win no matter the costs.

I do not feel that this is a recurrent theme from this card’s previous recent appearance.   Instead, it is a commentary upon the distress I was dealing with yesterday concerning my memory and its gaps.

In the moments where I realize just how much of my memory has fallen through the cracks, I have moments when I feel extremely helpless.  The appearance of this card is a reminder that there are many different faces to “winning”.  Some of them are obvious, others, not so much.

Although there is much in my life that has happened and left damage and scars in their wake, they also have made me stronger, and taught me how much value there is in my life, and how to appreciate the little things that make life worth living.   I learned my mortality very early, and although I work very hard in my day to day, I also make sure to pause and appreciate all that I have.   All that I have survived.   And all that I have won the right to having in my life through that survival.  Sometimes?  You have to lose something of value in order to gain something even better.

Deck Used:  Tarot of the Unknown

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: Where may I benefit from moving on / moving forward?

Herbal Healing Tarot Reading Summary:  There is strength (Strength) in knowing when to set aside (Seven of Cups) the struggle of juggling too much (Two of Pentacles) in order to focus on gripping the reigns on chaos (The Chariot).

Take Away: I spend a huge amount of my life juggling responsibilities and my creative drive, which often boils down to a balance between my outside work and my entrepreneurial endeavors.  At this time of year, my business  begins to “blow up”, and it becomes time to set aside my other outside jobs for a time so that I can focus all of my energy on the chaos of the holiday rush.   The message here is saying that the time for that shift is now.

Deck Used:  The Herbal Healing Tarot


One thought on “Recognizing Strength

  1. I know that you find the bottom of the shower time soothing, but -I- find it distressing as typically it signals a time of extreme vulnerability and pain. So of course when reading this, I find myself frowning and bulking protectively as I worry about you.

    I know the drop should be approaching today, but I’ve a feeling that you’ve set it aside for your busy day and your exhaustion at the end of that day. Just don’t push it too deep, babe. You know what happens when you avoid it, hm? It only makes it fester and grow and expand until it’s bigger than you are and it takes alot longer to defeat. Tomorrow we need to settle down and let you come crawl into my lap so we can take stock of how you’re feeling and see if we can’t head it off and snuggle it into submission.

    I love you, my angel. And those holes happen sometimes, but we do our best to fill them, yeah? Just remember you are never truly helpless, and when you are feeling so, you have me and L and J to help you along the way. We all love you and we’re all here for you.

    As for the bonus, you’re probably right. Gonna be time to cut back on some of the outside jobs to focus on the crazy rush that’s already started.

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