Cycles and Transitions

Today’s meditation was a bit over sixteen minutes long, and I took a break from the ‘how to’ series that I’ve been working through to instead do a body scan where I moved from head to foot concentrating on the skin, then toes to head concentrating beneath the skin.

It was very thorough and very relaxing.  The only thing missing was some nice soothing music, but I had to charge my phone, so I couldn’t hook it up to the speaker at the same time or I wouldn’t have gotten a quick charge.   I may do this meditation again with music in the future to see how it feels.

Ten of Swords - Slow Tarot Today’s draw is the Ten of Swords, which is a card we spent some time on just last night in your lesson.   As you know from our discussion last night, I see more than just endings in the representation of the Ten of Swords, but also a time of healing (represented in this card by the birds).

The message in this card today is about looking for the silver lining.  Sometimes things come to an end, that’s just a natural progression, but in those endings there is an opportunity for growth and for moving on to something better.  It’s important to look for these opportunities and use them to pull yourself up off the floor and give yourself wings so that you can move on to the next thing.

Post Script Addition:  I was having a hard time finding a way to relate this pull to my life at the moment, and had decided to publish this post without that part added, as I figured that maybe it was just a positive message to keep in mind for the future.  But, I think you are right and that this message has to do with the extra time we’ve been able to have together lately.   With the holiday rush coming, that’ll come to an end very soon.   But fortunately, it’ll only be for temporary, and once the rush eases, everything can return to a far more happy and healthy balance.

Deck Used:  Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: What can I do to better handle conflict?

The Herbcrafter’s TarotReading Summary:  Slippery Elm is used in the soothing of mucus membranes and in magic is often used in halting gossip. When combined with the Five of Pentacles, it indicates situations where struggles with resources and finances are present, and although you are possibly close with others, you are refusing to seek assistance because of a fear of your situation “getting out” into the awareness of others.

Wild Cherry is an auspicious tree that indicates good fortune and abundance of beneficial gifts available for the whole.  When combined with the Nine of Wands, there is a message not just of abundance but also of accessibility.  This message holds a message about needing to temper one’s desire to defend and block everything/everyone from gaining access to the abundance there for all.

Apple is a symbol of fertility and, like the Wild Cherry mentioned above, of bounty.  When combined with the Nine of Pentacles it is a message of long term preparations towards self-sufficiency, abundance, and being in a place where you have enough that you can comfortably share with others without the fear of “shooting yourself in the foot” as a result of doing so.   This is a card that says “rest easy, as there is plenty to go around”.

Take Away:  This reading refers to inner conflict.  It indicates that I should not allow what other’s might think or say behind my back influence how I feel about how well I am doing, nor whether or not I reach out for help when I need it. Take time to appreciate where there is bounty in my life, instead of struggling under the weight of perceived scarcity.

Deck Used:  The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

One thought on “Cycles and Transitions

  1. What is coming to an end so that you need look for the silver lining? Or is this a more generalized message today? My first thought is that our abundance of time together is coming to an end…for now(soon) but that time too will pass and we’ll have that time back again after a little while.

    And you should never care so much about what others think or say that you let it tear you down, beautiful. You are an amazing man, talented and smart and if there are others who can’t see that? It’s their loss…and clearly they have NO idea what they are missing.

    I love you, babyboy. Always. All ways

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