Yesterday’s Meditation and Draw

OK… so yesterday was a bit of a clusterf’k and then I came home and you distracted me and I did NOT get to yesterday’s post. SO…. here it is, a day late.

Yesterday’s meditation was ten minutes (and a few seconds) long and focused on self-worth, not just in how we treat ourselves, but also in what we -allow- in our lives.

It was a good reminder to not allow other’s negativity to be absorbed and repeated through self abuse.

Yesterday’s draw was the Cheetah… aka, the Knight of Wands, which is a representation of an action based beta energy, person, or personality in the area of passions, drive, willpower, and ambitions. Knight cards are cards of action and forward movement.

The Cheetah on this card is described in the guidebook with the keywords of focus, power, conviction, awareness, passion, and courage.

Looking back on yesterday, I absolutely needed that “RAWR” energy of “plowing forward” towards my goals to make it through the day, and that is how I took the card when it was drawn in the morning (as a need for that sort of energy in my day ahead).

From the “Genius” Bar appointment… and I digress, but really. If you’re going to name yourself a GENIUS Bar, there should be f’king geniuses working there. Not idiots that don’t know how to do a damn thing and refuse to practice common decency, let alone good customer service.

Ok, from the “Genius” Bar, to the traffic, to the accidental falling asleep at the wheel, to the customs delays, to just…. everything yesterday while I was out and about. It was a damned mess. And without that passion and energy of the Knight of Wands at the forefront of my mind, the day would have been that much more difficult.

Deck Used: The Animism Tarot

One thought on “Yesterday’s Meditation and Draw

  1. You told me about the “Genius Bar” and the idiots that couldn’t even have the part you made the appointment for on hand…you did NOT tell me about falling asleep at the wheel*Frowns* I don’t need to tell you how dangerous that is, man. I’m just really thankful that you made it home safe and sound.

    I’m guessing J wasn’t able to come along on your drive yesterday? I always feel much better when he’s there with you, and not just for the help with driving.

    The rest of the evening and that distraction that I will completely take the blame for though…that was -amazing- God I so fucking love you.

    I’m glad that energy helped you get through your day, and it most definitely added something to our night. I love you, angel mine. I’m so glad you had a little guardian angel watching over you for that doze behind the wheel. I can’t even fathom what I’d do without you other than crumble entirely. So for my sake if not your own…BE CAREFUL


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