Finding the Positive Message for May 11th – 13th

Sage Rabbit Tarot, Narutarot, Nature Spirit Tarot

May 11

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and I cannot remember what the hell it was about. I know it was quiet and needed, though, which is good enough.

Four of Swords – Recuperation is needed. You hurt and are exhausted. Make sure you get what’s rest you can when you can, even if it’s sitting down when it’s an option instead of looking for other things that need done. You need these mini-rests to help you stay strong.


May 12

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long. The topic was about self-worth and how all of us deserve respect. It isn’t something earned, but comes part and parcel with common decency. The meditation was focused of helping in opening ourselves up to receiving kindness, respect, and caring from others.

The High Priestess – Good judgment is not all about logic. Intuition is important. Use it to assist in making decisions today and you will more easily avoid those things you don’t want, and welcome in the ones you do.


May 13

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long as was an encouragement not to get frustrated with yourself when you have setbacks in your practice or need to back off. This is true with meditation, and with any other type of practice. Setbacks happen. So you do a little instead of a lot.. or even your normal amount. What counts is consistency, not quantity.

Page of Pentacles (feat. Cicindela campestris and Echinacea purpurea) – You are learning new ways to manifest ideas and possibilities into reality. Take things slow and focus on the healthy path over the expedient one. Contradictory to what first glance of logic might tell you, sometimes it turns out that the slower path will get you where you want to go faster than rushing can.


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