Finding the Positive Message for May 8th – 10th

Eternal Tarot Sun Deck, Cat Tarot, Easter Tarot

May 8

Today’s meditation was eleven minutes long. It’s focus was on combating depression with the awareness of impermanence. In other words, remembering that everything is temporary. This is a practice I do often, especially during my depressive episodes. It helps a great deal.

Ten of Cups – Emotional satiation and completion. Make sure that you advocate today for your own happiness and what you need to feel content and sated. Even when caring for others, you need to care for your own needs as well.


May 9

Eight of Cups – This is the “fuck this shit, I quit” card and speaks of the frustration that comes with people, things, and situations that are not suited to us, as well as our reactions to them.

Sometimes? Walking away is our only healthy option. This card asks us to look at what in our lives is ready to be discarded for our own health and sanity, and to begin the steps needed to leave those people, things, and/or situations behind.


May 10

Today’s meditation was ten minutes, and was about how the struggles, trials, and obstacles we go through in life are not things in our way along life’s path, but rather -are- the path. Sometimes the path is easy, sometimes it’s hard, but these hard moments are a part of the process and not something to resent, but rather, something to learn from.

Six of Wands – The people pleasing card. Focus on what others need today. It’s a big day for pleasing others, as Ms B comes home today. Work on making her comfortable and everything will go more smoothly in having done so.


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