Don’t Wanna Know Lenormand Reading

Blue Night Lenormand

Something you left behind.

Lily and Coffin – You have made peace with your loss of the loved one that passed recently. There was some guilt over your atypical grieving process and how others might perceive it, but you processed through it well and have moved past it.

Something you’re doing now.

Mice and Bear – Undermining authority figures is not usually your style, but desperate times call for desperate measures. There’s a good chance this isn’t going to turn out how you want, but no one can fault you for trying.

How you’re living honestly.

Broom and Stork – You are willing to look at those things you don’t like about yourself and work on them.  This process requires an acceptance of your flaws, for only when you can accept that there’s a problem can you begin the long process of transformation and healing.


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