Next Phase Tarot Reading

The Next Phase Tarot Reading with Granny's Postcards Tarot

What I’m being called to do next on my journey.

Four of Cups – Work on opening up and being less apathetic.  Also… Do your damned meditation already.

What this looks like for me.

The Hermit – Alone time of the healthy sort. Don’t use this alone time to wallow in empty “feel good” methods of wasting time.  Use that alone time in healthy ways instead.

Action I can take to initiate this next phase.

Three of Wands – Just do it. Add it to the path forward rather than waiting on whim or chance to fit it into your day. If you actually schedule it into the path forward, you guarantee room for it each and every day.

How this next phase of my journey will impact me.

The High Priestess – It will help you connect more strongly with your intuition and inner knowledge.

Something I need to understand about this next phase.

King of Swords – You can’t reason your way out of it… or into it either.  This has to do with emotions and intuition, and doesn’t lie in the logic nor is it something you can strong-arm into compliance through plotting and strategy.  As the Three of Wands already said… just do it.

A message from spirit I need to hear right now.

Strength – Doing your meditation regularly provides you with the strength and fortitude that you need in order to deal with things as they come at you instead of falling apart under the stress.


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