Gifts For Self Lenormand Reading

Gifts I Can Offer Myself Lenormand Reading with the Transformation Lenormand Oracle

What gifts can I offer myself this season?

Accept ThisSnake and Clover – Luck is a fickle thing and cannot be trusted, but that doesn’t mean we should forsake it entirely. Hope allows us to have a bit of trust in luck even when it can turn against us without warning.  Accept that hope is an important part of the equation and don’t kick yourself when things go awry now and then due to your willingness to let luck have a hand in things.

Embrace This Rider and Bouquet – Allow yourself to embrace change instead of fighting against it all the time. Look for the boon in the shifting situation and lean into it, letting it draw you forward into the good that change can wrought rather than being bogged down by the weight of struggling against the inevitable.

Cherish ThisCross and Broom – You are being given the opportunity to see your duty and responsibility to others as something positive in your life instead of a burden. Cherish this time with those that depend on you rather than resenting them for the responsibility that they represent in your life.


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