Toss or Carry Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “This week, let’s ask our divination tool of choice what we should leave behind in 2022, and what we should take with us into 2023!

New Years Decisions Cartomancy Reading with the Art Deco Christmas Playing CardsThree things I should leave behind in 2022.

Eight of Hearts – Giving up. In 2022 there were a few things you walked away from rather than confronting. Make sure not to repeat this mistake again in the year ahead. You are good at confrontation, so don’t let the potential for it to raise its head turn you away.

Jack of Hearts – Impulsivity, especially in relation to your emotions. Do not allow you emotions to force you to leap forward into situations where a pause would serve you better. Take a moment to feel your feelings… then act.  Don’t act during.

Two of Spades – Indecision. Do not stew in stagnation as you struggle with decisions that feel overwhelming. Sometimes any decision can be better than no decision made at all and being stuck in a mire of anxiety and confusion as a result.

Three things I should take with me into 2023.

Seven of Spades – Strategy. Sometimes to get ahead you have to be clever enough to out wit others on the same path as you. Do what you can to level the playing field, then rise above it and do even better than the rest.

Three of Spades – Be prepared for disappointments so that they do not take you by surprise and smack you in the face.

Three of Hearts – The support of loved ones. Continue to allow them to help and support you, even during times when you don’t want to admit you need it, or don’t think that you do.


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