Overwhelmed Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “This week, let’s talk to our divination tool of choice what’s overwhelming us, and how we can work to either lessen our load or take care of what’s overwhelming us.

Old Time Christmas Angels Playing CardsWhat is overwhelming me at this time?

Eight of Diamonds atop Ten of Spades – You have spent years honing your skills and building your business, and now that business is a success. With that success comes the holiday rush, which is not just overwhelming, but absolutely exhausting as well. You need this time of year and how busy it is, just as most businesses do, to catch up on any lag your finances… and yet it beats you into the ground year after year.

How can I best work to ease the load and lessen my overwhelm?

Jack of Spades and Five of Hearts – Use your sense of innovation and exploration to fight against feelings of dissatisfaction and pessimism. When the world looks brighter, your heart is a bit lighter. That helps you handle the struggle and chaos just a bit better than you otherwise would.

What is the best way forward to take care of myself during this time of overwhelm?

Ace of Clubs and Jack of Diamonds – Be enthusiastic with the opportunities that a bit more financial freedom can give you. Look at the good that is coming from this temporary overwhelm, and don’t let uncertainties slow you down.


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