Storytelling Cartomancy Activity – The Bard’s Dilemma

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “Using a deck, let’s write a little short story using 3-5 cards to come up with it!”

Storytelling Cartomancy with the Charlie Brown Christmas Playing CardsBeing the writer for the school play made Andrew super happy and he was so excited as he put the last touches on the script and got it ready to turn in. (Nine of Hearts)

That happiness lasted right up until they wanted to change what he’d written, and began tinkering with the script (Six of Diamonds), something he hadn’t thought anyone would want to do!  He was crushed that they didn’t like it as-is and wanted to change everything. (Three of Diamonds)

So disappointed was Andrew, that he decided “SCREW IT!” and that he wasn’t going to do any more of them in the future. It was too hard… too much work… and ended in disappointment and despair. Especially when the whole production eventually fell apart and no one could agree on anything!  (Ten of Swords)

And yet?  Once the season was at an end and a new one began, he had spent some time away from his writing and realized that he really did enjoy it.  Having taken some time off to consider the situation, he felt renewed and ready to try again… perhaps with a bit better boundaries in place this time. (Four of Spades)


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