Cozy and Comfortable Cartomancy Reading

Bicycle Monster Premium Playing CardsThe prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “For this week, let’s talk to our divination method of choice about what we can do to help ourselves feel more cozy and comfortable, either internally or externally! There’s never a limit on comfort!

What can I do to help myself feel more cozy and comfortable spiritually?

King of Spades and Nine of Hearts – Communicate with more authority with your guides and ancestors in order to develop a greater sense of satiation and comfort in your spiritual practice. You do not always have to follow blindly, as this relationship is one of give and take.

What can I do to help myself feel more cozy and comfortable emotionally?

Queen of Spades and Six of Diamonds – You will feel emotionally more comfortable and secure if you lean into generosity with yourself and others. Holding onto things too tightly only breeds vulnerability and fear of loss.

What can I do to help myself feel more cozy and comfortable mentally?

Jack of Diamonds and Three of Hearts – Work on accepting that learning to take things at a slower pace takes time. It’s not an immediate transformation, but can be assisted through leaning into time with those you love.

What can I do to help myself feel more cozy and comfortable physically?

Nine of Clubs and Five of Hearts – Don’t let your boundaries begin to feel like limitations. They aren’t a cage, nor are they unfair or in excess, but rather they are there to protect you.


2 thoughts on “Cozy and Comfortable Cartomancy Reading

  1. I must have signed up to receive your emails several months ago. I do not remember how it happened, but am VERY HAPPY it did. Love what I receive everyday but wonder do you have a website. Where are you located? and do you do anything locally? I never did anything with Tarot cards before but am getting some really good advice from you emails. Thank you so much. Ginny in FL

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    • Hi Ginny! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts (and I apologize for the times I fall behind!) I’m located in the Seattle area in Washington state. I’ve been reading cards for over 20 years and in that time I’ve done readings in parks as a form of busking, worked reading in metaphysical shops, and at times had a somewhat large client base. These days I read primarily through the internet.

      You can purchase readings either through or through Etsy at if you are interested. Just be sure to put a note in your purchase that you would like your reading to be done by Twist. 🙂


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