Same Shit, Different Day

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Hilda Tarot - DeathRight, so, I don’t usually do reversals in my daily card, but this one insisted. Today’s draw is the Death card reversed. Traditionally, the death card is all about slow, organically developed change. One of the possible reverse meanings therefore, is no change.

What whispered in my ear as I pulled today’s card was the phrase “Same old shit, different day.” And the question becomes… is that really a bad thing? Familiarity can be a comfort, after all.

Instead of looking at the repeated (and even annoying or aggravating) themes in your life as something to bear, take a moment to look for the comfort that comes with familiarity.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m taking a break from card pulls today because I need one. Just the COTD. No other readings either for myself or others until tomorrow.

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