One Thing at a Time

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Hilda Tarot - TemperanceToday’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of patience, moderation,

All those thoughts of all the things that you need to get done need to be set aside today.

Yes, you have a lot on your plate, but today is an orders day and you need to focus on your orders, not all the other crap that needs to be accomplished.

You can return to these other projects and responsibilities another day, once today’s responsibilities have been dealt with and put to bed.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for August 1st and 2nd

Wheel of the Year TarotHow does my inner child feel right now?

Inspired (Three of Wands) by the possibilities that lie before them (Ace of Pentacles).

There’s so much potential going on right now in your life, and they are enjoying the energy that lies in action and getting things done and moving forward after having been stagnant for so long.

How can I better connect with my inner child?

Complacency will get you nowhere (Seven of Wands). Make sure you continue to look forward so that you can learn what you really want (Page of Swords) and what you need to watch out for that will work against you (Ten of Cups Rx).


Mr Lionhart’s #TheAugustTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for August 1st thru 3rd

Hilda TarotWhat unknown path am I invited to explore this month?

Seven of Swords and Seven of Cups – Too much dithering will steal away your enjoyment. Lean into decisiveness this month instead.

What destination can exploring this path lead me to?

The Tower, Nine of Pentacles atop Death – By continuing to be decisive you are setting yourself up for the major changes that need to take place to come at a much easier pace. You will end up not just successful in the transition, but also you will find pleasure, contentment, and a sense of luxury waiting for you in the end result.

Why am I guided to undertake this journey or explore this path?

Four of Swords and Justice – This time of year is your downtime, which allows you to have the time and energy to do these extra projects without it negatively affecting your business and finances.


Daily Self Kindness

I am playing some serious catch up and I have no idea what the self-kindness for this day might have been.

First Harvest 2022 – Lammas

Today is Lammas, which is known as the First Harvest of the year. This day marks the transition into the harvest season of August, September, and October (of which there is a Second Harvest and Last Harvest that correspond to these months).


This holiday is often called Lammas, Lughnasadh, or Lugh, although I usually just refer to it as the First Harvest. On my path, it celebrates the beginning of Summer’s decline and ramping up of the busy season where we begin to reap in the abundance that the bounty of summer’s energies has encouraged to grow and flourish.

Like with new moons and full moons, I usually do a spread to check in with myself and give myself some direction for the next couple of months for each solstice, equinox, and other Sabbats. This spread is an adaptation of my Self Care Saturday spread, so there are sure to be  some similarities in how it is read. The focus of this spread, though, is not about Self Care, but rather about progress and my path. The time period is also longer, reaching through the next handful of weeks until the celebration of the upcoming Second Harvest (aka. Mabon, Autumnal Equinox) in September.

Lammas Tarot Reading for the First Harvest with the Pagan Otherwords Tarot, Compendium of Witches Oracle, and Herbal Healing Oracle Deck Vol 1 & 2

Theme of the SeasonLammas, Waxing Crescent Moon, Elder (Sambucus nigra)

In this card a woman dances among sunflowers, celebrating in her harvest with the product of her labors cradled close under one arm and boline in the other hand ready to reap what she’s sown. There is pride in the angle of her jaw and tilt of her head, strength in her posture, and voluptuous elegance in her form.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is a symbol of growth, creativity, and attainment and welcomes the energies of positivity and expansion into one’s life.  It is a time for welcoming in new habits, new themes, and for leaning forward into changes that you wish to control the direction of with your actions and will.

The Elder (Sambucus nigra) is a tree of transitions and change, guarding liminal spaces and providing purification and protection within the transitional places that we travel between. The dried bits of this plant can be used for spellwork involving physical and emotional healing, as well as hex breaking, purification, and protection.

When looking at these three cards together, the theme that I see here is one of healing through progress.  You are at a place in your life and upon your physical path where you have choices to make and these cards encourage you to lean hard into positivity and optimism.  Don’t allow yourself to step out of the light, but instead take an active role in making sure your harvests this year are abundant and plentiful.

EarthFour of Wands – You are comfortable and relaxed in your path forward at this time. You know what needs done and have a solid plan as your foundation.  Use this energy to carry you toward your goals rather than wallowing in the comfort in more languid ways.

AirNine of Swords – Careful that you don’t let your worries become hurdles that hold you back.  Negative thoughts and a pessimistic inner dialogue won’t help you in making progress at this time.  Better to set these things aside so that you can move more freely and continue to charge forward toward your goals.

WaterThe Moon Rx – Moments of uncertainty can feed into negativity. Make sure that you are not giving uncertainty the chance to grow and thrive in your life. If you have to “fake it ’til you make it”?  Do so.

FireKnight of Pentacles – Business is slow right now and that’s a good thing.  Don’t become restless during the lull, but instead use this time wisely on other things.  It won’t last forever and you want to work on what you can get done now so that when things pick back up you can feel a sense of accomplishment from the slow season.

WaningThe Memory and Pruning – It’s time to set aside self reflection and deep exploration of inner thoughts and feelings. Action is needed, and you can’t stand in stillness and mull things over, and -also- act at the same time.

WaxingThe Explorer and Mirror – Movement and knowing yourself.  This is the theme you need to lean into at this time.  You know what you want and need, and it’s time to take the steps and action to reach the fulfillment you seek.