Pick and Choose Your Battles

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Ema Poetica Tarot - Five of SwordsToday’s draw is the Five of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of struggles, strife, test, trials, or conflict in the area of ones thoughts, logic, education, intellect, or ambitions.

What stands out strongest in the imagery of this card is how the tips of the three floating swords are tied together with wings.  The other two sit point down in the sand, left behind.

You can’t do everything at once, just as that set of wings can’t carry all five swords at once.  You have to pick and choose your battles.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question for August 3rd
: Are you more of a Dreamer or a Believer?

Postmondrian Tarot - Ace of Cups, Page of Swords, Seven of PentaclesReading Summary: I want to be a dreamer in my exploration of my emotions has begun to set me on that path (Ace of Cups), but my brain still has a habit of getting in the way (Page of Swords). It’s a work in progress (Seven if Pentacles).

Take Away: To be fair, I didn’t really understand this question… and I still don’t. The cards have given me a clear answer, though, regardless of my lack of understanding.

The answer is that as much as I want to be a dreamer, and am working towards being more of one than ever before in my past, my natural inclination is towards logic and that “seeing is believing” mentality.


The Rainbow Moonscape #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for August 3rd and 4th

Ema Poetica TarotWhat is my greatest strength?

Page of Wands atop King of Cups Rx – The ability to tap into your enthusiasm and curiosity regardless of the fact that the connection you have developed with your emotions is not matured or or particularly stable yet.

How to summon more willpower in my life?

Slow down, cowboy (Knight of Pentacles). You have plenty of willpower (The Emperor). Instead of reaching for more, you need to make sure that you’re not overstepping the healthy boundaries you’ve set for yourself (Nine of Wands).


Daily Self Kindness

I am playing some serious catch up and I have no idea what the self-kindness for this day might have been.

Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Magician

Prompt: Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the cards(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The MagicianTarot of the Hidden Realm – Right, so… Perfection, for me, is not complete without a flaw. This card is essentially the “flaw” in an otherwise perfect deck that makes the deck truly perfect.  (This deck is my “Soul Deck” and thus, perfect for me… not in general.)

I have issues with this Magician.  Issues! I tell you.  Because when I look at him? I see a porn star. A gigolo. A male whore.  That’s what I see, and I’m unable to see anything else.   So yes… he’s a man with all the tools (and what tools they are!) and all the skills as well. He’s ready to go, knows what he wants, and is not just well suited for his work but very good at it.  Interpreting this card leaves me with an awareness that not everyone’s goals and values are going to align with everyone else’s and sometimes you have to focus on what’s right for you and only you.

The Magician in the Four Twenty Tarot, Mystical Medleys Tarot, and Ema Poetica Tarot

Four Twenty Tarot – Classic imagery in a non-classic artform, the Magician in this card is empowered (and a bit baked) and has all the tools they need at their disposal including the four elements that lie on the table and the smoking pipe in her hand as well. Around her sprouts her desires, manifested into reality. I would see this imagery as encouragement to go after that which holds value to you, that you have all you need to accomplish what you want in life if you use your skills, abilities, and tools wisely.

Ema Poetica Tarot – All elements are again accounted for in this card, as is growth in the form of flowers, and the addition of an all-seeing-eye that speaks to me of a greater sense of awareness of the world around them than what is seen in the previous two cards. Not only is the Magician determined and equipped, but they are aware of the world at large and will see hurdles coming and adapt to them to ensure success.   I would read this card as a reminder that there is more to success than determination and skill, and that sometimes to obtain one’s goals we must look outside ourselves at what’s going on around us as well.

Mystical Medleys Tarot – Singular focus is the theme I see in this card.  There is still growth in the flowers at the Magician’s feet, and all the tools are there for his use.  But instead of looking -out- at the world, the eye in this card is the Magician’s head and it is singularly focused upon what he holds and what it can do for him.  Where the Ema Poetica card speaks of looking outward, this one speaks of bearing down one’s focus and buckling down for the effort it will take to manifest what they desire.